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10 things your boss hates about you

10 things your boss hates about you

Go on, admit it: you hate your boss. You do. Just them having power over you for eight hours every day is enough to make you spit with fury. A generation ago, people worked their way up the ladder, hierarchy was based on age and experience, and it was more respected. In the days before open-plan offices and team-bonding, managers were better protected from us oiks.

Lesson 82. The power of prototyping

So you've got a WOW idea. But true innovation is not about HAVING a WOW idea. True innovation is about what you actually DO with that idea and what you LEARN when you TEST it. According to business experts, you can't innovate until you have something tangible - a prototype - to play with. So, start prototyping like mad!


It's every worker's dream: take as much vacation time as you want, on short notice, and don't worry about your boss calling you on it. Cut out early, make it a long weekend, string two weeks together - as you like. No need to call in sick on a Friday so you can disappear for a fishing trip. Just go; nobody's keeping track.

How to decorate your desk

swinging metal balls are strictly taboo. They're the kind of thing you can only pull off if you're senior enough to have an office of your own, and people have to think twice before laughing at you. So what about that old stand-by: pinning up a picture of somebody fanciable? Who could deny you the odd


they were talking about. Recently, though, I have concluded that we're all being taken for a multitasking ride. Does multitasking make you a more effective worker? Not in my experience. I'm doing a bit of multitasking while I write this, in actual fact. OK, the other task is listening to the radio, but

Lekcja 4: Rozmowa kwalifikacyjna

can about the company, its products, services, customers and even competitors. This will give you a valuable insight into its current situation and, therefore, an edge over other candidates. Remember to follow an appropriate dress code. No matter the job you are applying for, your clothes should be

Lekcja 37: Jak być dobrym przywódcą?

More and more is heard about how important good leadership skills are, but much less so about how to acquire and enhance them. Well, our episode today features just what you need: a brief leadership development vade mecum. First of all, it is crucial that others respect you, so that you can become

Lekcja 12: Negocjacje z szefem

every day? This solution is increasingly popular and if your superior trusts you, he should see no downsides about it. Given today's fuel prices , the already mentioned company car option is also the one to consider if you think about how much money you could save per month. All the commuting, shopping

Lekcja 11: Pierwszy dzień w pracy

colleagues, who will probably introduce you to the less formal, and yet absolutely basic aspects of everyday work: they will tell you where you can drink coffee or tea and eat lunch, talk about what the life in the company really is like or share with you some funny rumours about the corporate jungle

Lekcja 3: Jak się ubrać na rozmowę kwalifikacyjną

Studies show that 85 % of interpersonal communication is non-verbal, so the decision about what to wear to an interview is not a trivial one. Obviously, whatever you wear will not conceal a lack of knowledge and skills, but it will let you communicate some positive things about your personality and

Lekcja 18: Równowaga między pracą a życiem prywatnym

. What would your perfect life look like? Once you have this basis, you may build on it in order to achieve your goals and modify various aspects of your life and lifestyle accordingly. So, if you work - focus on working, but in your free time enjoy yourself to the fullest and let no thoughts about work

Lekcja 13: Toksyczni współpracownicy

that dangerous, if only you don't step on their inflated ego. The greatest risk they present involves elaborate stories of their quasi-heroic deeds, which of course you don't have to take seriously. Better keep your opinion about them to yourself, though. We should be more cautious when it comes to

Lekcja 21: Jak nie dać się depresji pourlopowej

Recently we wrote about how to enjoy your vacation, and today we present you a few tips that will help you get back from your leave painlessly pain and without unnecessary stress and plan the return to work to make a smooth transition to our usual duties without whining that the next vacation is

Lekcja 39: Nowy Rok

With 2015 quickly approaching there comes, yet again, the time to draw up your list of New Year's resolutions. Chances are they will relate to making your habits healthier and be a better person in general, but what about goals to pursue in order to enhance your career? Generally speaking, try to

Lekcja 6: Headhunting

, advertise yourself on the web as effectively as you can, and so on. Talking about IT, headhunting - just as other business processes nowadays - is increasingly entering the e-domain. There are many sites allowing you to promote yourself, but LinkedIn is probably the most effective social networking platform

Lekcja 33: Samozatrudnienie

If you're thinking about starting your own business, you won't be alone, as there are over 23 million workers who are already self-employed. What is there to know? You will find some of the self-employment basics below. Those who are self-employed generate their income directly from customers

Lekcja 2: How to read job ads

lets you check it up on the internet to find out more about its activity, character, and, which is also important - credibility. Next, there comes the location of the job (3): it may be a specific city, or even a district within a city, but also an entire country. Also, some jobs might be available

Lekcja 5: List motywacyjny po angielsku

statement about yourself and your suitability for the given position. Finally, while your CV should have no personal touch to it, you may well include it in the covering letter. Bear in mind that your covering letter should never exceed the length of one page. Choose rather plain white photocopier paper

Lekcja 9 : nietypowe metody poszukiwania pracy

We recently wrote about an efficient CV - but nowadays sometimes even an impressive CV is not enough to get the job you want. To succeed in this field, you may have to think and act outside of the box - here are some tips how exactly you can get down to it. To stand out among the crowd of

Lekcja 7: Staż

Internship is a great opportunity to gain professional experience. Today, more and more young people use this method to enhance their CVs. Why wouldn't you give it a try? The modern concept of internship essentially derives from the medieval apprenticeship, in which skilled laborers would taught

Lesson 91. Money and morals

Can you make money and be a decent person too? Isn't the world full of crooked tycoons? And what about you? Would you be a decent person if you were rich?A lot of people think that making money goes hand in hand with being ruthless, manipulative, amoral and greedy. That to make cash you have to

Lekcja 20: Urlop

With the arrival of summer also comes the time of vacations. We yearn for it even more than for Christmas or Easter. And yet, many people don't know how to plan the vacation wisely and fully enjoy it. In today's episode we suggest you how to do it right. Research shows that, after returning from

Lesson 16: Telephone conversations

, is Bob in? George: I'm afraid he's out at the moment. Can I take a message? Don: Yes, Could you ask him to call me at 667 875 439 I need to talk to him about the new production line, it's urgent. George: Could you repeat the number please? Don: Yes, that's 667 875 439 and this is Don

Expressing anger in the workplace

irrational. So next time you're about to lose your rag, consider this: shouting at the person who sits next to you, in a moderate and low voice, especially if you are a man, is fine. Screeching at the whole floor, no matter how justified, just makes you look like you're in line for the sack. Słowniczek if

Lekcja 22: Języki obce w pracy

Nowadays it is common knowledge that speaking foreign languages is one of the basic skills required for any job. We advise you what language to choose, we how to learn it, and how to document your language skills to increase your chances on the labour market or ... increase your salary. In the

Lekcja 8: Assessment Center

If you are invited to a recruitment meeting which takes the form of the Assessment Center, don't panic! This is usually the final stage of the selection of applicants and the very fact of making it there is already a success and a distinction. So, bask for a moment in the well-deserved pride, and

Lesson 99. Know your ABCDE

colleague snapped at me this morning when I asked her a simple question about the report we're both working on'. B - is the Belief - how you interpret the event. You can interpret your colleague's behaviour either positively or negatively. Positive belief: 'She has a lot on her plate at the moment, she's so

Lesson 74: Show talent in the brand YOU world

more than ever. Why? - Because talent is not about 'labour'. And it's not about 'bodies in the office'. Talent is about those who score high on the distinct scale. So work on that distinctive brand called YOU. Wysłuchaj lekcji Rozwiąż ćwiczenie do lekcji Przeczytaj przegląd prasy brytyjskiej w

How to look for a new job while still at your old job

traumatised when you get back. And no one will want to ask you too many questions about it when you get back. Because, really, how interesting are your teeth? Internal affairs Of course, your concerns about leaving the building might be negated entirely if the job you're applying for is actually in the

Lesson 75. Work on the brand called YOU

is not enough. To survive the white-collar wipeout you need to be very special at something which has a specific economic value. In a word - you need to exhibit True Mastery. Think about athletes or actors who have records of sustained excellence. These people are consummate pros who work obsessively

Lesson 34: 4 stages of your career - Stage 2: The Peak Practitioner

According to experts, you go through 4 stages of your professional career. Last week we talked about The Eager Beaver, a young ambitious upward moving professional, aged 18 - 25. Later on, between the ages of 26-38, The Eager Beaver becomes the Peak Practitioner. In each stage his

Lesson 84. More power of sales

A WOW project without the sale is a dead project. So it's important to sharpen your sales skills. Last week we talked about the importance of knowing your customers. But do you realize how important it is to respect your competitors? And what do you know about the importance of being earnest

Lesson 88. Why you need to have a plan

get wealthy or successful without a plan.When Robinson Crusoe was shipwrecked, he made a plan straightaway. 'I'll need a shelter, some food and something to do'. And he set about building a thatched shelter on the beach and went in search of food.You too need to have a plan. It forces you to consider

How to get a pay rise

is irrelevant. It's about individual performance. About your competencies and experience in that job. 4. Be honest with yourself. People often confuse effort with achievement and the two things are totally different. You may have worked your socks off but you may not have achieved what was down in

The shine has come off Supermum

details: big picture, it rubs along. Of all the many myths about motherhood, the one that says you can't hang on to a demanding job is the worst. I remember worrying in the early months of pregnancy that, some time around the six-month mark, my mind would go to mush and all judgment desert me - because

Lesson 78. A WOW project

: it matters, it makes a difference and it transforms the enterprise. It's a project that takes your breath away and something you can brag about. A WOW project also has the value that YOU add. How do you start a WOW project then? Think laterally. Break the mould. Go an extra mile. Think about the

How to e-network

you the perfect springboard to quiz them about their career.Bear in mind that, once ensconced behind a veil of cyber-anonymity, many people find it all too tempting to wax lyrical about themselves, smoothing over the cruel workings of fate with a little soothing fantasy and indulging in daydreams of

Lesson 98. KISS at work

communication rules.So, when you do the talking: KISS - all the time. No, it doesn't mean that you have to run round the office kissing everybody in sight; it means you have to Keep It Short and Simple. Get your message across and don't waffle. Think about the five Ws: What? When? Who? Where? And Why? Get your

Lesson 97. SMILE at work

unreasonable boss. You can do nothing and remain unhappy about it. Or you try to bond with him. Or explain to him, using specific examples why asking you to produce 4 long reports in one day may be perceived as slightly difficult.MOTIVATE yourself. Remind yourself constantly of what motivates your job

How to socialise with the boss

and greasing the wheels of your career? In short, why not pluck up the courage to go and socialise with the boss? Of course, it's only when you've buttonholed the Big Cheese that the main snag becomes evident: what do you talk about? Work, of course, is the obvious answer. But in this situation

Pregnancy at work

- and that's before we get on to nosey coworkers wanting an update on every kick and offering well-meaning tips on how to get through the labour. It isn't always about telling your boss - informing your coworkers can be just as difficult. Should you send out a mass email? Get people together and spill

Serious illness - should you tell them at work?

trust," she says, "and decide with them how you will manage the process. People will notice if you have an illness that will mean you have to make changes at work, and it may be easier to give people the facts. But once you've done that, it's OK to say: 'I don't want to talk about it', or

Lesson 83. The power of sales

sales skills! According to business analysts getting things done is mostly a matter of 'sales'. That is, getting people excited about your ideas, persuading them to work with you and stick with you through thick and thin. Leading any part of a WOW project means selling it. All success is sales success

Lesson 87. Anyone can be rich (apparently )

you don't, the chances are you won't succeed.But remember - you do have the power to be wealthy. So don't sit around and moan, do something about it. Apply yourself. Think of an idea. Cultivate a skill. Have a plan.Have a prosperous New Year!Wysłuchaj lekcjiRozwiąż ćwiczenie do lekcjiPrzeczytaj

A no-holds barred office brawl could be a very good thing

partner, your friends... and these are people you actually like. When you think about what an office actually is - a random assortment of oddballs forced into a confined space while being asked to perform nonsensical tasks - it should be like Ultimate Cage Fighter III. Instead it is like the planning

Lesson 77. Even more tips on how to work on the brand called YOU

According to influential business thinkers, in the age of New Economy your talent is the only guarantee of your professional survival. In the last few programmes we've been talking about how to work on the brand called YOU. We've been talking about the importance of marketing, networking, pursuing

Lesson 92. Interview: the No-Go areas

basis of your age, sexual orientation, religion or lifestyle, they have no business asking you about these things! Here are some of the no-go questions: How old are you? Are you married? Are you gay? Are you planning to start a family soon? Are you a member of a trade union? What is your religion?Bosses

Jealousy in the workplace not always a negative thing

promoted, jealousy can be a very positive emotion if it enables you to become more proactive about your own career," Topchik says. "That person has become a role model." But there is, of course, an unfortunate flipside. Those who choose to plough their jealous feelings into continually

Tea works

can damage blood cells. Three cups of tea a day is associated with an 11% decrease in the risk of heart attack. That's a pretty significant statistic. And tea flavonoids can also help control surges in blood pressure. Leave the colleague yabbering about how tea dehydrates you to her latest health fad

Lesson 17: Workaholics

Materialism, consumerism, technology, globalization ? Or is it the relentless pace of modern times? What makes you a workaholic? More and more, we are expected to make more money, to consume more, to become a dazzling success. We define ourselves by what we've got. We fall victim of the macho

Lesson 90. Learn from the rich

gossipy bits.If you want to become wealthy, you have to learn how the wealthy think. How they make money, how they invest it and how they save. You need to study hard at the University of Wealth. Read business books and magazines, find out as much as you can about wealthy people - interviews and

Sit back, relax and do nothing

down time. Relaxation is not a competitive sport - and, just because a bit of sitting about is not going to help you notch up your daily minutes of activity, or clean the fridge and mop the floor, does not mean it should be sniffed at. Particularly if you can fit in a quick snooze while you are at it

Lesson 33: 4 stages of your career. Stage 1: The Eager Beaver

Did you know that, as a working person, you go through 4 stages of professional career? And that your motivations and aspirations change in each stage? And that, in each stage, your employer wants different things from you? No? Don't worry; the career experts have worked it all out for you. Here's

Spreading office gossip

or who you'd kiss/shag/push off a cliff.The only problem is that, no matter how secretive you think you're being, the person you are bitching about almost certainly suspects that something is going on. Someone I know recently got confronted by a colleague she'd been passing notes about. She forgot to

Colour me happy

It's all about function and ratio. If you want a space where people will have a quick meeting, you might use bright and exciting colours - people can only stand them for five minutes to half an hour, and that will influence the way they talk to each other in that space. But a meeting room, where

Lesson 100. Stop the bully

Even if you're lucky enough to work with people you like, chances are that from time to time they will drive you mad. But what if you're being bullied? If people you work with threaten, undermine, offend or humiliate you?A bully is a person who uses their strength or power to threaten, undermine

Lesson 76. More tips on how to work on the brand called YOU

According to Tom Peters, an influential American business thinker, in the new Age of Talent you must work hard on the brand called YOU. In our last programme we were talking about the importance of marketing and true mastery and here are some more tips on how to develop talent in the brand YOU

Desk jockeys

architects the director was worried people plugged into headphones all day would lose the opportunity for informal learning - often at work you learn a lot just from the buzz in the office. If you close yourself off from it, you can't take part. Being qualified isn't just about having the right education

Dealing with fear and loathing

that buzz and stay calm and courteous, then you have won." While comparing notes about an obnoxious staff member can reassure you that your own compulsion to spit at them in frustration is at least shared by others, Nigel Nicholson, professor of organisational behaviour at the London Business

Lesson 39: Small business - the secrets of success 3

Starting your own business can be difficult, so learning from successful entrepreneurs is a good way of avoiding the most common pitfalls. Last week we talked about the importance of scaling up your business, this week we reveal another secret of success: the ability to delegate

Coffee and work

about the closest thing you can get to tea. It's very high in antioxidants but it's sweeter and a bit smokier than tea, and you can drink it with or without milk. Peppermint Mint tea is good because it aids digestion. It's still got the invigoration of flavour which will wake you up but without any of

Lesson 96. Be SMART at work

According to experts your job satisfaction soars when you are achieving the goals you've set yourself. Your goals should be therefore focused on outcomes. So, instead of making your goal: 'Learning how to use EXCEL' - make it about why you want to do this. You simply have to be SMART about

Lesson 35: 4 stages of your career. Stage 3: The Top Player

According to experts, you go through 4 stages of your professional career. Last week we talked about The Peak Practitioner, aged 26-38, who worked hard and maybe even forgot that he had a family. But what happens after that? Is it time to rest or time to strive? Here's Stage 3 of your

How to be organised

much the best reason for getting organised is that your smugness is boosted by about a squillion per cent. Well, that and you can stock up on stationery - it has been scientifically proven that organisation is directly proportional to the number of highlighters possessed. So tidy up. At least a bit

Lesson 56: Entrepreneurs - are they born or made?

Do you have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur? There are two schools of thought about what makes an entrepreneur. The first is that you can be made - i.e. anyone can do it, providing they put enough effort into it. The second is that you have to be born an entrepreneur

How a job intverview is like dating

First, the similarities. Both require you to dress up, be well informed and engaging. Both also involve a vague, unpleasant nervousness which stems from being judged in an event specially organised for that purpose. "We'll keep your details on file" and "I'll call you" mean the

Friends in high places

fine line. It won't necessarily help your career - it could actually make things more complicated where promotions are concerned. You have to be careful not to put your boss under unfair pressure, or have unrealistic expectations about where your friendship can get you. According to recent research

Gossip at work

Because everyone gossips. Don't say you don't because you do - even men, though they like to pretend they're above it. It is the lifeblood of a workplace and one of the few things that makes photocopying bearable. The Hooksett Four's (Hooksett is the small town in New Hampshire where the four women

Burned out at work by boredom

Does work drag? Do you start clock watching at 9.35am? Is the only thing that motivated you to return after Christmas the fact that your employer hasn't blocked Facebook yet? If the answer to these is yes, you may be suffering from "rust out".As the name suggests, rust out is burn out's

Lesson 65: Make luck work for you

own success. In business, there is always an element of chance and therefore there is always an element of luck. So if there is all this luck out there, how can you make it work for you? The secret is to be ready for it when it appears. Luck presents itself as an unexpected opportunity - it rarely

Dealing with conflict at work

It's that really horrid job-interview moment. "So why did you leave your last position?" What to say? "Because the people I sat next to were really horrible." It's certainly not the most impressive line you could give a would-be employer - but it might be the most honest

The rise of corporate yoga classes

for the yoga sessions. "You spend so much time at work looking after other people's needs, whether clients or your colleagues or boss. Yoga is about looking after yourself. It's great," says employee Eimear McElroy. Słownik swap their business suits for tracksuits - zamienić garnitury na

Lesson 79. Nothing succeeds like failure

excellent failures and punish mediocre success. Here's what he has to say about it. Here's an 'excellent failure': You take a bold leap forward. Ooops! It hasn't worked! You're bruised and battered, maybe even broke. Well, good for you! What!? Why!? Because you went for it! You made a step towards the land

Promotion isn't everything

day, it's all about people, and if you don't look after your staff there's always someone bigger, who can pay more, who will be happy to take them on." At the very least, staff should think carefully before jumping ship because a promotion doesn't seem to be on the horizon. "You should

Lesson 57: Do not blow your job prospects in a blog!

uncovered online about the potential candidates. Do you indulge in drunken antics? Boast about your sexual conquests? Criticize former employers and discuss confidential company business? You do. OK, but don't write about it in a blog! The employees of tomorrow - teenagers - are leading today's craze for

Size matters

you simply don't need to learn skills which fall outside your locked-down job description. Still confused about whether you'll be better off with a big company, or working in a smaller environment? Don't worry. Black thinks we're drawn instinctively to the office home that's right for us. "I

E-mails with kisses

www.netmanners.com and author of an ebook on email etiquette. "If you think about it, we haven't had to rely on communicating with the written word in decades. Just a mere century ago people wrote letters daily. This meant choosing their words carefully and thoughtfully to communicate the emotion and intent of

Lesson 22: Blue-sky thinkers

heavy thinking the top people didn't come up with any winning ideas. 'What's wrong with you guys? - Andy and Randy asked in despair. 'Sorry', said one of the blue-sky thinkers. 'But how do we know what a winning idea is if you have no idea? Have you heard about hands-on management? Why don't you ask

Lesson 81. Why you need a Freaky Friend

So - you've got a WOW idea. Good! But don't tell your boss about it. Why? Because the conservative 'chain of command' might nip it in the bud. According to Tom Peters, an American prophet of the management revolution, if you want to test your WOW idea, you should find a Freaky Friend instead. So

Let it glow, let it glow, let it glow

counting the Santas and gave up when I got to 23. Michael has no idea how many installations there are, he just knows it's a three-week job putting them up and that the last few days have been very cold indeed. They are jolly lights that make you smile and remind you of the excitement you felt about

Speak up loud and proud

activity.When we're speaking in public, we perceive ourselves as 'naked' in front of others with no place to hide our insecurities and our self-perceived flaws. You can, of course, invest in tuition. But it can be expensive, and there are also ways to improve your public speaking under your own steam.Bigger

The joke's on you

when you're at an event like a meeting which is all about formality and seriousness, if you do something, or even think about something, that doesn't fit into that environment it can make you laugh. This laughter then feeds on itself because you're then doing something incongruous and that makes you


Another year, another chance to talk to your boss about how your role should continue. Obviously, this will include a fair appraisal of your work so far, an insightful critique of both strengths and shortcomings, and a mutually agreed plan for how to forge ahead to new career successes. Or at least

Lesson 29: Seven pillars of business wisdom. Rule no.5: Hire passionate people

place quickly, they found they couldn't because they didn't have people aligned around the corporate mission. And if you are big and not nimble, it's a big disadvantage. You are like a rock. According to some economists, people don't come to work to be No.1 or No.2. They want a sense of purpose. They

What would work be like if women had their way? (part 1)

all about flexibility. When I was in a high-profile job in the City, I felt that I would never be able to have a family. Now I work seven days a week, but according to my rules. I think that can be better for the children, as long as you have the right support. That said, it's certainly not the easy

Beware naked ambition

ambitious [can] carry a connotation of competitiveness, of trying to be better than everyone else." Staying on the right side of the line between the two is largely about ensuring that the way in which you pursue your goals does not hurt others. "Ambition has a picture of people clawing their way

How to retire

on the coast - so be canny about the demands of the marketplace. Adjusting to your new role around the house can also be difficult. The nightmare scenario is that after 40 years of being too busy to spend time with your partner, you suddenly discover you don't actually like them. You've got two

How to retire

Board games will help you through that difficult first weekend, but you'll still need to find a way to fill the next 30 years. Cruises are popular among the recently retired. This is because being trapped with a group of people you don't particularly like - while carrying out a series of repetitive

10 commandments for "slow" workplace

dealers."A lot is the pressure we put on ourselves,"says Kinman. "In the past you would write a letter, get it typed up, then post it. When you had a reply, a few days later, you would think about it before responding."Now we expect ourselves to be in constant communication with others

Surviving the social minefield at work

religions have rules about it and almost every meal we share is subject to an array of customs. It starts with whether you lunch at your desk, or go out. The former suggests commitment, but a lack of fun, while the latter poses a whole new set of office dynamics problems. Let's say you like persons A, C and


switching between one professional position and another can give you more skills, constant hopping will begin to ring alarm bells for recruiters."The limit is about three jobs in two years" says recruiter Sarah McParland of Search Consultancy. "After that, employers will want a very good

Social networking sites are a waste of time

, which is where Facebook gets its notoriety. But whether as ourselves, under pseudonyms or on Second Life as avatars, we are still messing about. What does it mean, to have 183 Facebook friends? That you will waste a small amount of time communicating with them, irregularly, or ignore them and feel a

Lesson 73: Distinct or extinct

new ways to grow. According to Peters, white-collar cubicle slavery in the 1980s was not that different from blue-collar slavery in the 1920s. There was less physical effort, of course, but the level of conformity was about the same. But the next shift, the one that is taking place right now, will be

Cover stars

Got a new job? Exciting stuff - even if it is only until the person you're replacing returns to work. While it's not unheard of for bosses to moan about the pain of finding someone to cover (we've all encountered one of those), maternity leave can be a good thing for all involved: parents

Do five simple things a day

, proposes a campaign modelled on the nutrition initiative, to encourage behaviour that will make people feel better about themselves. People should try to connect with others, to be active, to take notice of their surroundings, to keep learning and to give to their neighbours and communities, the document

Lesson 61: Workplace whingers

If you love telling people how much you hate your job, don't worry - you are in good company. Everybody whinges about their work. But - surprise, surprise! - according to the poll of 14,000 workers in 23 countries carried out by researcher FDS International, the French, the British, the Swedish and

Push and shove: ambition in the workplace

," he says. "And with the very rich, it's almost certainly not about the money, it's about the drive to achieve. You'd probably find that if they were just focused on making money, rather than achieving in their particular context, they wouldn't be quite as successful." But can't you just

Lesson 47 - Antipreneurs - a success story

agree. They claim that in future balance sheets would not be enough to judge a company's performance - social justice and environmental responsibility would be weighed-up, too. And you can find out more about the company by clicking on www.wornagain.co.uk Rozwiąż ćwiczenie do lekcji Wysłuchaj lekcji

Positive deviants

How well does your organisation work? I see, it's like that, is it? The place relies on you and a handful of other highly motivated and extremely accomplished individuals to drive it along. Some of the rest do an OK job. Many are just unmotivated drones. And you've got nutters there too, have you

Work is never boring

Work has a bad reputation. Let's play a little game of word association. I say "work" and you say? Grey, boring, hard, boring, dull, boring, repetitive, boring, petty, boring, mind-numbing ... boring. Apart from the fact that you don't actually know the meaning of the word boring until