Family homeless as builders squat in their house

Family homeless as builders squat in their house

LONDON: A family was left homeless after builders they had hired to do a loft conversion moved into their house and changed the locks.

Burned out at work by boredom

Boredom can burn you out just as badly as work overload, writes Rhymer Rigby in the Guardian.

Breaking the email compulsion (part one)

The unpredictable way that useful emails arrive makes checking for them as addictive as slot machines. But you can regain control, explains Suw Charman-Anderson in the "Guardian".

Pregnancy at work

While the days of women being whisked over to a comfy chair and treated as invalids the moment their bump appeared may have passed, negotiating the office when pregnant isn't always easy. There are the hurdles of breaking the news, keeping your professional cool and legally, knowing your stuff

Push and shove: ambition in the workplace

," he says. "And with the very rich, it's almost certainly not about the money, it's about the drive to achieve. You'd probably find that if they were just focused on making money, rather than achieving in their particular context, they wouldn't be quite as successful." But can't you just

Migrants and unattractive told to leave

. Combining more than three colours or teaming white socks with black shoes are off-limits. When authorities can't re-dress, repaint or replant eyesores, they conceal them. Temporary barriers now obstruct housing and shops as well as building sites and wasteland. "They think it will make a bad impression

Tunnel to Africa

existing high-speed rail line at the southern Spanish city of Seville the travel time between Madrid and Tangier could be as low as four hours. Engineers have had to invent new boring methods in order to cope with the fierce underwater currents at a point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean

Vesuvius blas could kill 300,000

More than half a million people live in the so-called "red zone" of 18 towns within a four-mile radius of the volcano and most would die if an evacuation could not be completed in time, the research says. Vesuvius, which was known as "hell's chimney-pot" in the Middle Ages, has

Do five simple things a day

A "five-a-day" programme of social and personal activities can improve mental wellbeing, much as eating fruit and vegetables enhances physical health, according to Foresight, the government think-tank. Its Mental Capital and Wellbeing report, which was compiled by more than 400 scientists

The hollowing of today's corporations

The company, that place where you spend nearly a third of your life, is being whittled away. It is becoming hollow. The hollow company looks like an old-fashioned business: but vital parts are missing. Some went in the trend for outsourcing core functions, such as manufacturing and customer

Newest scientific discoveries

huge amounts of garlic can't mask the signature of the volatile organic compounds that you dispel into the air around you. He adds that this finding "may open the possibility that devices such as electronic sensors can be developed to detect individual odourprints in humans". Human

Surviving the social minefield at work

does - must be as prevalent in the White House as in offices in Basingstoke or Timbuktu. It all comes to a head in one gruesome, daily event: lunch. If office anthropologists were to come to visit, it'd be the first thing they'd look at. Eating is, apparently, one of our most sacred ceremonies. Most


, goals and dreams and we disagree on lots of things, but there is one thing of which we are certain. Apart from our immediate families, these are the most important people in the world. Jobs, husbands, house moves (sometimes halfway across the world) may come and go but the "gels", as we are

Multiculturalism at work

, Spanish chambermaids, Irish builders, African nurses, Indian doctors - they all come to London and find their place, as if by serendipity, from L4.85 an hour and counting. więcej:

Office queen bees hold back women's careers

They were also prone to mark down women's prospects for promotion and to assess them as more controlling than men in their management style. The findings, based on experiments carried out among more than 700 people, suggest that female rivalry in the workplace may sometimes be as important as

Giving your inheritance to charity

As the great-grandson of a pawnbroker, who made his fortune buying up shops in London suburbs, Michael Amherst could have chosen to blow his inheritance on drink, drugs or a small yacht. But at 25, he chose instead to invest L300,000 in founding Avonbrook Projects Abroad, a charity that promotes

Wykorzystaj kryzys i ucz się

spowolnienie gospodarcze może być dobrym momentem na podniesienie swoich kwalifikacji. W czasach gdy na każde ogłoszenie o pracy opowiada coraz więcej kandydatów pracownik powinien posiadać przysłowiowego asa w rękawie, który pozwoli mu się wyróżnić na rynku pracy" - podsumowuje Iovane. * Dane użyte w

The nail-biting hysteria has begun

becomes the nation at war. The dread of humiliating defeat is in the air. In Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Poland, Italy, England, people don't so much look forward to matches as hold their breaths, cross their fingers. They rally to the nation's colors. They hang out flags. These are dangerous emotions

How to stay permanently temporary

But any well-meaning concerns for the latest office temp - who doesn't know anybody's name and who can't work the coffee machine - may be misplaced. Far from being part of some mournful office underclass desperate for a full-time post, a growing number of workers are viewing temping as a career in

The rise of corporate yoga classes

the extreme. Yoga's a dirty word to me now." Chartered corporate psychologist Ben Williams isn't surprised. "Corporate yoga as a team-building exercise is as bad as insisting on a spontaneous group hug. And corporate yoga as a compulsory weekly activity is as bad as forcing people to go to

The race for the $100 laptop

Communicator. Microsoft is supporting the establishment of kiosks in villages in developing countries, where residents would share a computer and just pay for usage. Analysts see some of these moves as no more than public relations campaigns, defensive attempts to make sure that the respective company's brand


That is essentially what goes on at IBM, writes Ken Belson in the International Herald Tribune . Each of the 355,000 workers is entitled to three or more weeks of vacation. The company does not keep track of who takes how much time or when, does not dole out choice vacation times by seniority and d

Lekcja 33: "Selbstständigkeit - Vor- und Nachteile"

Das Wort Selbstständig wird auch mit Eigentätig oder Eigenständigkeit wiedergegeben. Somit ist es als Selbstständiger erforderlich, Eigeninitiative und Motivation an den Tag zu legen. Was bedeutet das? Sie müssen bereit sein, kontinuierlich Zeit zu investieren, Mut zu zeigen

Psychometric testing

employee long-term potential. An increasing number of graduate employers in the UK use them. The UK's civil service has used them for years to assess suitability. Companies such as Mothercare use them for their graduate schemes and Lloyds TSB bank uses a sophisticated numerical reasoning test to sift

638 ways to kill Fidel Castro

. Any gifts sent to the ailing leader as he lies ill this week will be carefully scrutinized, just as they were when those famous exploding cigars were being constructed by the CIA's technical services department in the early 60s. (They never got to him, by the way, those cigars contaminated with

Virtual workplace and teamwork

A study by Cisco Systems shows that virtual teams can take up to fourtimes as long to build trust than face-to-face teams. If you throwdifferent cultures into the mix, it can take those virtual teams up to 17 weeks before they bond and perform as well as a team based in one location. The study

The age of rage

. Britain now has a tetchy temper. "All inappropriate anger is a defence mechanism against some sort of pain," says Mike Fisher, a photographer who has positioned himself as Britain's expert on rage. A former fuming person himself and the founder, seven years ago, of the British Association of

Soccer With a Dark Side

sex trafficking promote an image of women freely choosing to be involved in prostitution, making huge amounts of money at it and in general having a great time. It is the Pretty Woman myth, which many apparently like to believe in order to justify their inaction or ignorance on the issue.But as

Lekcja 33: Samozatrudnienie

If you're thinking about starting your own business, you won't be alone, as there are over 23 million workers who are already self-employed. What is there to know? You will find some of the self-employment basics below. Those who are self-employed generate their income directly from customers

Lekcja 23: Dyskryminacja w pracy

Discrimination in the workplace is still a problem faced by many companies; it concerns a number of aspects, such as gender, age, disability, race, religion, nationality, political opinion, membership of a trade union or political parties, ethnic origin and sexual orientation. Companies can combat

The Workers Registration Scheme and welfare shopping

....A new EU directive is going to change the nature of European migration, starting this month. Welfare shopping is about to take-off... But by the end of 2005, more than 200,000 workers from Poland alone had signed up to the Workers Registration Scheme in Britain. The number of people in the UK w

Lekcja 32: Systemy motywacyjne

Various incentive programmes and systems are increasingly used in companies that want to increase overall employee performance, boost their morale and loyalty and improve their wellness as well as reduce turnover. Although employees are likely to appreciate such programmes, less than one third of

How to learn to love Vlad

Nick Paton Walsh has been in Moscow, reporting on the presidency of Vladimir Putin - its slow erosion of democratic freedoms, its savage disregard for the individual, its petro-dollar arrogance.But beneath moments of brutality there has been a current of slow and steady change. Money is big in Russi

Lekcja 38: Odpowiedzialność społeczna firmy

. Corporate Social Responsibility should not be seen as a kind of charity, but rather as a strategic business management concept. It may indeed substantially contribute to improve the social situation within its operation range, yet, more importantly, it aims at enhancing the company's reputation and meeting

Fed up with your boss?

working as secretaries to rude, dishonest and condescending employers. PA Secrets has "in no way been designed to make a profit," says Kate, although she admits it could one day become a full-time job. "Right now it's just a hobby. I didn't even know what HTML was a year ago. But I would

Lekcja 35: Komunikacja wewnętrzna w firmie

foremost, it is necessary to make employees trust the company as well as to make them feel loyalty and responsible for it. Moreover, it is worth increasing the level of motivation and job satisfaction among employees. It may seem a challenge, but a good manager is capable of achieving this goal, if only

Jealousy in the workplace not always a negative thing

Which might mean we're not such lovely people - but in the workplace, jealousy might not be such a bad thing: keeping an envious eye on your coworkers could help you earn a higher salary and a faster route up the career ladder. While most managers would prefer to keep negative emotions out of the of

Lekcja 19: Podróże służbowe

assignment? During business traveling, you are still considered to be working and, therefore, being paid, regardless of being away from your workplace and home. Nowadays, business travel is seen as a major industry, with WTO estimating that it accounts for 30% of international tourism. Its primary goals are

Lekcja 26: Networking

networks as places to promote and create a brand image are an essential tool in ePR activities. Each campaign conducted in social media must involve engaging the users. In order to get them, it is necessary to assess their preferences and expectations as regards the brand, its products and services

Lekcja 27: Elastyczne formy zatrudnienia

Flexible forms of employment, which are more and more common, may provide a solution in the era of the protracted economic slowdown and mass redundancies, as they allow for an organization of work tailored to the needs and modalities of particular institutions. When discussing flexible forms of

Lekcja 20: Urlop

their vacation, 40% of employees are even more stressed than before they left - all because they are unable to relax effectively. In fact, as many as 87% of Poles cannot relax when on leave. As surveys show, only 13% of Poles get back to work in a good mood, well-rested and relaxed. Technology is mainly

Lekcja 31: Oceny pracownicze

Appraisals are now used, almost universally, as the main channel for providing feedback to employees as regards their performance and, optimally, to allow them to improve it. The traditional 180 degree type has recently found its competitor in the 360 degree type. Below, you will find information

Lekcja 14: Szkolenia i rozwój pracowników

Nowadays, almost every company carries out both internal and external trainings in order to promote development of its staff. What elements should training involve and what should it look like so as to give the best results possible and to provide - as it's expected to - a profitable investment in

Lekcja 16: Praca w Hiszpanii

Poles. Weakened economy, credit crunch as well as decrease in both consumption and investment in the first quarter of 2009 had a negative impact on the labour market, although such professions as doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists, dentists, drivers and mechanics are still sought for. Moreover, the

Lekcja 24: Mobbing

the Polish Labour Code, mobbing shall be understood as any act or conduct relating to the employee or directed against him, consisting in systematic and prolonged harassment or intimidation, that result in an underestimated judgment of professional aptitude, that humiliate, ridicule, isolate or

Lekcja 6: Headhunting

" will try to answer this question for you. It makes it possible to reach the so-called passive candidates, who are currently not seeking employment, as well as those with uncommon knowledge, skills or professional experience. Headhunting tasks are usually outsourced to specialised agencies. The

Lekcja 28: Inteligencja emocjonalna

professional and private life. Research involving emotional intelligence emerged quite recently; only years ago, the American magazine "Time" published information that what predicts best success in life is not knowledge nor intellectual ability, but emotional intelligence, also known as EQ. People

Lekcja 21: Jak nie dać się depresji pourlopowej

probably coming next year only. The post-vacation stress syndrome is nothing unusual and most specialists agree that it's not just a lame excuse for the lazy. During the daily routine drill our body is used to a high performance; even if the work is not particularly stressful, as a rule you have to wake up

Lesson 25: Credit problems

Exercise I 1F, 2T, 3T, 4F, 5T, 6F Exercise II 1. on / as / as 2. about / off / of 4. on / in 5. for / in 6. out Exercise III 1. mortgage 2. skyrocketed 3. interest rate 4. escalated 5. reluctant 6. write off 7. floundered 8. diligent 9. takes advantage 10. quick-fix

American Millionaire

1.surged up 2.slim3.destined4.overnight5.self- made and downs8.lure9.budding10.Destiny11.epitomy12.paved 13.As a last resort 14.affluence15.come true 16.Basically

Lekcja 34: Gorące biurka

notebook computers. There are some jobs, such as customer service, management consultancy or sales where people mostly work away from their desks, so hot desking would match those perfectly. On the other hand, obviously, it may not be the best option for work environments where employees are to be in the

Lekcja 13: Toksyczni współpracownicy

, sometimes fickle fortune sends a real monster right next to your desk. How to deal with it? According to a recent study, as many as 84% of women have a friend who is "toxic", and, chances are, this so-called friend is their colleague. Obviously, such a person not only makes you stressed and

Bid to attract more Polish workers

The guide, which will be distributed throughout Scotland and Poland and is also available online, provides information in Polish on employment, housing and training opportunities as well as highlighting leisure activities in Scotland. więcej:

Lekcja 3: Jak się ubrać na rozmowę kwalifikacyjną

sport a more casual outfit, but you still have to follow the dress code. No sandals or flip-flops! In general, even if you choose not to wear a suit, you have to look neat and elegant. It's also a good idea to keep it comfortable, which will allow you to feel comfortable as well. A woman must remember

Lekcja 1: Curriculum Vitae

several languages as well as cleverly motivate and inspire the audience. 3 Professional Experience: January 2008 - Present Tour Guide with Pristine Tours, Firth, UK May 2003 - December 2007 City Guide with the FirthTourist Office, Firth, UK Responsibilities: Collection and analysis of feedback from the

Lekcja 37: Jak być dobrym przywódcą?

their role model. In order to do that, prove your expertise to them and do not hide your experience. Let your employees understand how long you've been in the business and what you have achieved while you were there, which will give them both understanding and motivation. As a leader, be firm, but don't

Lekcja 8: Assessment Center

reliable methods of competency testing, with their efficiency as high as about 90% percent. So how is it done? Before the Assessment Center session, the employer defines the key competencies that will be the basis for evaluation by the assessors and that are necessary for the job. The tasks to assess these

Lekcja 7: Staż

to take in order to fulfill all formal requirements needed. If your employer is not very strict, you probably will be able to show little diligence and still have the internship marked as completed, but is it really worth it? Consider it an opportunity to do and learn something interesting rather

Lekcja 15: Polscy w Wielkiej Brytanii

carrying out their duties. Moreover, very often they agree to perform work scorned by the UK residents. Most Poles who seek a job go to London, which is not the wisest choice, as the city is already full of our fellow countrymen. But such areas as ??Liverpool and Manchester are equally attractive, no less

Lekcja 12: Negocjacje z szefem

having your salary raised; they might also aim concern your company car, reimbursement of training or an attractive package of medical services, etc. Sometimes bonuses such as member cards allowing you free entry to sports facilities, a possibility to use a company phone even for your private business

Lekcja 30: Delegowanie obowiązków

Everybody needs somebody and no matter how hard you try, you can't do everything your own. To save both your time and energy, and at the same time enhance your interpersonal skills, don't hesitate - delegate! Although many supervisors avoid delegating responsibilities for various reasons, such as

For the record 19 June

The new service will offer the 160,000-strong Polish community in Ireland Polish television, as well as cheap calls to Poland and a broadband connection. Commenting on the launch of the package, Charlie Ardagh, Marketing Director, Magnet Entertainment, said the firm has negotiated a deal with TWP

Lekcja 18: Równowaga między pracą a życiem prywatnym

As the popular wisdom goes, when we are young, we have plenty of time but little money, while as adults, we usually have the financial means, but our work-related duties do not allow us to fully exploit them and enjoy life. How to disprove this stereotypes and establish a solid balance between

Lekcja 17: Coaching i mentoring

, pioneer and founding father of coaching has defined it as "unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance". In coaching the focus is on the development of specific skills and know-how, so that the coachee is better prepared to face the challenges of personal and professional

Lekcja 11: Pierwszy dzień w pracy

formal and informal rules of working in a specific company by specifying working hours, mandatory dress code - if any, and, finally, guide you around your workplace, such as your desk, computer or any other equipment that you might need to work. Afterwards, your boss will probably leave you to your

Lesson 14: Business Presentation

EXERCISE I 1E, 2C, 3A, 4D, 5G, 6B, 7F EXERCISE II 1. run out 2. find 3. move on to 4. sum up 5. purpose 6. finish off EXERCISE III 1. look at 2. brief 3. act as 4. talk about 5. points of view 6. finally 7. questions 8. go along 9. hear

Lesson 16: Calling all Poles

kucharski został napiętnowany i swoje słowa musiał ...wypluć, a dziennik The Times zamieścił specjalny artykuł redakcyjny poświęcony Polakom, zatytułowany: Calling all Poles.The celebrity chef is as wrong as he could be. Poles come to Britain to work, not to claim benefits. They tend to be young

Lekcja 5: List motywacyjny po angielsku

;s. Action verbs usually help to make it sound better. Carefully spell-check your spelling and grammar. And don't trust the computer spell checkers to do the whole job for you: if you misspell a word it may still be one from the dictionary and will not get highlighted as a mistake. Relate your skills

Lekcja 4: Rozmowa kwalifikacyjna

No doubt you are wondering what to do to make your interview successful. Regardless of whether you already have experience in this field, or it's your first time, it's worth to follow the essential tips below. Even before the interview, you should do some background research learn as much as you

Speak up loud and proud

Sounds familiar? If this scenario resonates with your own working life then you're certainly not alone. Speaking in public is routinely cited as one of people's worst fears, with some surveys ranking it above death and divorce. It is also one of the most common problems (alongside heights and

Targi społecznej odpowiedzialności biznesu

Badań Przestrzeni Publicznej, Warsaw Press Patroni medialni:, Press, PAP Biznes,, Personel i Zarządzanie, Ekologia i Rynek, As Biznesu, CR Navigator, Galerie Handlowe,,, Branżowy patron medialny:

Roof of the world

The first passenger train to journey the 4,000km (2,500 miles) from Beijing to the ancient Tibetan capital of Lhasa took us up through the 5,072m (16,640ft) Tanggula Pass and across the roof of the world, writes Jane Macartney in "The Times". As the train climbed towards the highest

Biznes na świecie jest nierówny płciowo

płci) uznał, że parytety w miejscu pracy znacząco poprawią sytuację kobiet na rynku pracy. Większą wagę pytani przywiązywali np. do zmian kulturowych. Rolę zróżnicowania płciowego podkreśla też Asa Lofstrom, profesor ze szkoły biznesu szwedzkiego uniwersytetu w Umea. Jej zdaniem większe zróżnicowanie

Lekcja 2: How to read job ads

This time you will have the opportunity to learn how to read and understand job advertisements written in English, which will allow you to avoid misunderstandings as well as applying for posts that are not suitable for you, and as a result - will save both your time and nerves. How to read job ads

Lesson 90. Learn from the rich

The rich - how we envy them sometimes! They've got it all - luxurious houses, expensive cars, faraway holidays But don't envy them - learn from them. Work out how they did it and use them as a source of inspiration.There is a simple test to determine whether someone already is - or will end up

Lesson 2: Working mothers

For many employers maternity is still a dirty word. Each year, 3000 pregnant women are sacked illegally in Great Britain. In high-powered professions, such as advertising, banking or marketing, part-time work has as much credibility as shelf-stacking. As one female employee put it: "It's

Positive contribution of migrants

% in 2006. It says employers regard them as more reliable, with Polish workers seen as highly motivated and skilled. Many migrants were also seen as more willing to work hard, long hours. Less than 6% of employers hired them because of lower wage costs. Wages The Treasury estimates that in 2006 new

Lesson 4: Is temping tempting?

Temporary workers - or 'temps' make a crucial contribution to most modern economies. In fact, out of nearly 29 million people currently employed in the UK, 1.3 million are temps, registered with employment agencies. In the past, these temporary workers were often thought of as low-paid, low-skilled

Web Fuels Plagiarism

schools are paying thousands of dollars a year for software such as Barrie's that scans work for plagiarism. Those programs reveal that about 30% of papers are plagiarized, either totally or in part. To be sure, the urge to cheat is as old as school. Students have long recycled their friends' and siblings

Migrant workers 'facing problems'

The agency said the problems were compounded by language issues and a lack of knowledge of basic rights. The warning came as a Scottish Executive guide is published to help Polish workers settle into communities. Since European enlargement in 2004, many more workers are now coming to Scotland to

Lesson 51: The best British company to work for

caring about them as individuals. According to staff, managers inspire them and make them passionate about their work by truly living the values of the company. According to managers, passionate staff don't take much managing anyway. They say that they want to be just as good with their employees as they

Spreading office gossip

Frankly, it's a little unfair. But that makes no difference to anyone. As one who has experienced both playgrounds and offices, I can safely say that the latter is definitely as cruel an environment.The problem is that bitching is such a good bonding experience. Everyone gets to feel simultaneously

Do you have stars in your eyes?

beliefs. A recent survey of Wall Street investors found that 48% were using horoscopes when deciding to buy or sell; there are as many astrologers in Australia as there are psychologists; and mediums, angel therapists and mystics of every kind sell their wares online. Occult careers also have a venerable

Lesson 12: Looking for a job

V: Hi. How can I help you?P: My name is Basia Kowalska, I'm Polish and I'm looking for a job.V:What kind of job?P: Looking after small children.V: Are you a nanny?P: Yes, I've been working as a nanny for 2 years now.V: So, you've got two years experience as a nanny?P: Yes.V: Did you work as a nanny

The virtual office has arrived

clients such as Time, Reuters and the Wall Street Journal - has 10 employees scattered around the world, and until he brought them all together recently he says he had only ever met six of them. When they set up and monitor websites for their clients they don't need even to visit their offices as it is

Let it glow, let it glow, let it glow

Traffic goes through the village of Bradfield Southend in Berkshire and past the home and farm of Mary and Michael Harris as the christmas lights in the village were switched on December 1st 2008. Who knows what untold pleasure centres lie in Michael Harris's brain? He's a quiet man, not given to

Goodbye city life

In his career as a hedge fund manager Ed Venables apologised all too often to his wife, Kate, for missing important family occasions. But the 33-year-old had a very different excuse for disappearing on the day their second child came home from hospital. He had to attend a job interview - to become

Get into the rhythm of work (part 1)

same as the next." She found that workers tend to be more demanding, aggressive and task-focused earlier in the week and more submissive and open to negotiation as the weekend approaches. "People begin the week all fired up, but as Friday draws closer they realise they will have to compromise

Lesson 65: Make luck work for you

own success. In business, there is always an element of chance and therefore there is always an element of luck. So if there is all this luck out there, how can you make it work for you? The secret is to be ready for it when it appears. Luck presents itself as an unexpected opportunity - it rarely

Fortuny piłkarzy i trenerów

wielcy nieobecni nadchodzących mistrzostw: Kolumbijczyk Radamel Falcao z AS Monaco, którego z udziału w turnieju wyeliminowała kontuzja oraz Walijczyk Gareth Bale z Realu Madryt. On, podobnie jak Ibrahimović, nie zakwalifikował się na mundial z druzyną narodową. Zarobki najbogatszych piłkarzy w 2013 r

Lesson 13: Poles hit lazy Britain

'. Over two hundred thousand Poles have officially signed up to work in Britain, but the real number might be much higher as those who work as self-employed - carpenters, decorators or builders - do not have to register. And while the stereotype of 'pan Piotr the plumber' is well established, Poles are

What is your motivation?

month's Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology goes even further, suggesting that seemingly covetable benefits, such as annual bonuses, are actually counterproductive. "Although these benefits may appear to be great motivators, paradoxically they are not," says Vansteenkiste

Lekcja 10: Niepełnosprawni na rynku pracy

Work is a value that enables all individuals to fully participate in society by satisfying their living needs and through determining their role and status within a social system. In case of illness and disability, the importance of working as part of a social rehabilitation is increasingly

Lesson 53: Benefits for foreign workers in the UK

The number of East Europeans flooding into Britain keeps soaring. Hundreds of thousands of new arrivals have applied to join the Worker Registration Scheme. According to official sources, immigrants from Eastern Europe are placing enormous stress on schools and hospitals as well as receiving tens

The rise of the new nomadics

"I SUPPOSE you would describe me as a consultant," says Clare Crean, a 40-year-old mother of one in the vanguard of a new working movement. For the past few years, she has been employed on a freelance basis, "tarting up new businesses" for Virgin. She does not have her own

How to deal with truants from the workplace

successor as chief executive, Noel Shanahan, is now focused on the agency's practices and processes. "In some parts of the business we have very good sickness rates, better even than in the private sector," he says. "They're often our local offices round the country with a small number of

Lekcja 25: Talent a ciężka praca

. The question is then: how to find out what kind of talent belongs to us? This dilemma, also known as Nature versus Nurture, explores the difference between innate ability and the one affected by personal experiences. Often there is a widespread, though ill-founded belief, that talent is something

A creative revolution

remix. For example, old books or films (before 1923 in the US) where the copyright has expired and is now in the public domain as well as the massive amount of knowledge contained in the Wikipedia, the world's largest user-created encyclopedia, would be a part of this growing pool of global

Beware naked ambition

ambition can be seen by colleagues as potentially threatening. "Ambition is something that should be kept inside and not overtly communicated," she says. "There is a difference between ambition and drive. Drive is more acceptable because... you can be inwardly driven, but to be outwardly

Get into the rhythm of work (part 2)

same as the next." She found that workers tend to be more demanding, aggressive and task-focused earlier in the week and more submissive and open to negotiation as the weekend approaches. "People begin the week all fired up, but as Friday draws closer they realise they will have to compromise