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Warsztat "Decision making for leaders" prowadzony przez Kontrakt OSH do wygrania w konkursie

Warsztat "Decision making for leaders" prowadzony przez Kontrakt OSH do wygrania w konkursie

Do wygrania jest udział w warsztacie "Decision making for leaders", który odbędzie się 7 czerwca w godz. 10-13 w siedzibie Agory w Warszawie.

For the record 19 June

Magnet Entertainment has launched what it says is the first tailored communications package for the Polish community in Ireland.

10 commandments for "slow" workplace

Skipping lunch, working late and checking emails at home are now the norm for many of us - writes Sally O'Reilly in the Guardian - but can lowering the tempo actually make you more productive?

The race for the $100 laptop

computer will be one of the main drivers of future growth. Currently computerized population is limited to the 800m people. The industry is in search of a PC for the next billion. Over the past year, global hardware and software companies have announced initiatives aimed at this group of consumers. Intel

The Gap Year - a must for any self-respecting student

. At the last count there were 76 operators in Britain and one gap-year company, i-to-i, was so successful it was bought for several million last year by the package holiday group First Choice. These firms typically offer package trips combining flights, in-country transport, support and even language

How to look for a new job while still at your old job

ready for some serious dry-cleaning billsExcuses, excusesThe laws of space and time being what they currently are, sadly you cannot be in more than one place at a time, which means you will need to make an excuse to get out of the office. You might want to consider taking the whole day off - either by

Lesson 42: Golden Rules for Goal Setting

EXERCISE I 1F 2F 3F 4T 5T 6F EXERCISE II 1.Set goals 2.Put in 3.Align 4.Objectives 5.Tangible 6.Sidetracked 7.Ultimate 8.stick with 9.means to an end EXERCISE III 1.up 3.for 4.with 5.on

Oxford and Cambridge lectures online for all

For 800 years Oxford and Cambridge universities have competed in everything from Nobel prizes to boat races. The academic rivalry runs deep: Oxford has tutored 25 British prime ministers, while Cambridge claims Darwin and Newton as its own. But on October 6 the venerable institutions launched into

Lesson 65: Make luck work for you

own success. In business, there is always an element of chance and therefore there is always an element of luck. So if there is all this luck out there, how can you make it work for you? The secret is to be ready for it when it appears. Luck presents itself as an unexpected opportunity - it rarely

Lesson 71: Good news for messy people

average 36% more time looking for things at work than people who keep a 'fairly messy' desk.Yes, to other people your desk may look a mess, but to you it's a fragile ecosystem. Professor Abrahamson believes that a messy desk can represent a surprisingly sophisticated informal filing system that offers far

Testing times ahead for job-hunters

Applying for a job has always meant jumping through a few metaphorical hoops - but only recently have recruiters started asking people to jump through actual, real-life, hoops. Whether it's asking candidates to sing songs and gurn - despite both activities being conspicuously absent from the job

Lesson 12: Looking for a job

V: Hi. How can I help you?P: My name is Basia Kowalska, I'm Polish and I'm looking for a job.V:What kind of job?P: Looking after small children.V: Are you a nanny?P: Yes, I've been working as a nanny for 2 years now.V: So, you've got two years experience as a nanny?P: Yes.V: Did you work as a nanny

Kompetencje cyfrowe zdominują rynek pracy

Kompetencje cyfrowe zdominują rynek pracy

kolejnej edycji programu eSkills for Jobs rozpoczynają się bezpłatne spotkania dla młodzieży ponadgimnazjalnej, wspierające młodych ludzi w budowaniu ścieżki kariery w oparciu o kompetencje cyfrowe. Celem projektu, realizowanego w Polsce przez Krajową Izbę Gospodarczą Elektroniki i Telekomunikacji (KIGEiT

When is the time for a serious talk about Santa

on the secret. There is a lot of discussion in online forums about when is the time for "the conversation" about Santa. Surely there is no correct time - or any need. The playground will probably sort it out. SŁOWNICZEK divisive - dzielący we are fundamentally split - jesteśmy

Lesson 51: The best British company to work for

The Sunday Times has recently published a list of the 100 Best British Small Companies to Work For. Companies with 50 to 250 staff were included in the survey and in total almost 29,000 employees were surveyed to determine which company is best to work for. Topping the list for 2007 was

Lesson 53: Benefits for foreign workers in the UK

young men with no interest in receiving state handouts. But the statistics prove otherwise. There are now thousands of immigrant workers who claim tax credits, child support and housing benefit. Once a migrant has been working here for over 12 months, he is entitled to the same level of support as any

Lesson 49: Tough times for the Modern Man

feminine side and a masculine side, but not too much of a macho, please and just gay enough. On top of all that, he's got to have a successful career, of course. But a successful career is more and more difficult to hold down these days. Jobs for life and job security have virtually disappeared, final

Lesson 21: Smart Socializing for Business Success

EXERCISE I 1F, 2F, 3T, 4F, 5T, 6T EXERCISE II Gathering Pitch Follow-up networking rapport foist pushy EXERCISE III 1c, 2a, 3b, 4b

Lesson 26: What are employers looking for

EXERCISE I 1 F 2F 3T 4T 5F 6F EXERCISE II 1 down 2 up 3 out 4 on / in 5 by EXERCISE III Integrity Political leanings Validity weed out turned down match up

Lesson 31: Seven pillars of business wisdom. Rule no.7: Admire me for my soul

OLD RULE: Admire me for my might NEW RULE: Admire me for my soul The old notion that it's OK to be greedy as long as it's 'long term greedy' does not find too many followers nowadays. The role of the corporation is not only to make money; it is also to seek legitimisation in society. So, what does

Lesson 17: Asking for directions in a foreign country

EXERCISE I 1F, 2F, 3F, 4T, 5T, 6F EXERCISE II way straight / left along / reach past / on in EXERCISE III 1b, 2e, 3d, 4a

English for Human Resources- Tips to expand terminology- Tricks to heighten fluency- Tools to improve communication, Warszawa

Więcej informacji: Aleksandra Bartosińska Kierownik projektu tel.: (22) 420 55 31 Aleksandra Bartosinska Organizator: Institute for International Research Sp. z o.o jest polskim przedstawicielstwem IIR Global - międzynarodowej firmy organizującej prestiżowe konferencje i seminaria dla najwyższej kadry

Appeal for migrant worker housing strategy

Mr Huggins appeared on Radio Five Live yesterday (Monday) morning where he was discussing the huge rise in migrant workers in the county in the last two years. A survey by the district council shows that the county has 70,000 migrant workers - ten per cent of the population and ten times more than i

Praca dzięki kompetencjom cyfrowym

ambasadorowie programu, czyli praktycy IT. W tegorocznej edycji szkoły mogą dodatkowo zaprosić wybranego ambasadora na godzinę wychowawczą. Skąd popyt na informatyków? W poprzedniej edycji eSkills for Jobs udział wzięło 500 uczniów z całej Polski. W tym roku liczba ta ma być nie mniejsza. Co do tego, że

Lesson 71: How to Convince an Employer to Pay for Education

EXERCISE I1T, 2F, 3T, 4F, 5FEXERCISE II1.Convince - persuade2.Smart - inteligent3.Willing - inclined4.Exclusive - restricted5.Bold - audacious6.Find out - determineEXERCISE III1.Approach2.Figured3.Disburse4.Adhere5.Sweetened6.Reimbursed7.Footed8.Courteous9.particulars

Lesson 59: Immigrants to stay for good in the UK

According to a recent survey carried out in the UK, 25 percent of Eastern European migrants plan to stay in Britain permanently. Originally only 6 percent had intended to stay, but many others changed their minds afterwards. With the number of migrants well over a million and with 600 work

Social media niedoceniane w polskich firmach

Odsetek polskich firm, które korzystają z social media wyniósł w 2014 roku 21,7 proc. W Rumunii było to o jeden punkt procentowy mniej. Najniższy odsetek dotyczył Łotwy (18,8 proc.). Firmy wykorzystujące media społecznościowe najczęściej można natomiast spotkać w Irlandii, na Islandii oraz Malcie (

Decyduj jak lider

oraz autora programu Decision Making for Leaders. Zanim uczestnicy wcielili się w role Arlene Blum, czy właściciela firmy cierpiącej na deficyt miejsc parkingowych poznali opracowaną przez prof. Vrooma metodę podejmowania decyzji. Vroom podzielił proces decyzyjny na pięć rodzajów: decyzja, konsultacja

Ważne e-umiejętności

Inicjatywa skierowana jest do młodych ludzi. Zachęca do rozwijania kompetencji cyfrowych, czyli takich, które sprzyjają posługiwaniu się nowoczesnymi technologiami. Wszystko po to, aby wyjść naprzeciw oczekiwaniom współczesnego rynku pracy. "E-Skills for Jobs 2014" ma zwrócić uwagę na

Nomenklatura jednostek terytorialnych dla celów statystycznych - NUTS

System podziału administracyjno-statystycznego państw członkowskich Unii Europejskiej. Nomenklatura została opracowana przez Eurostat wraz z instytucjami UE oraz urzędami statystycznymi krajów członkowskich. Jej celem jest ujednolicenie sposobu gromadzenia, przetwarzania i porównywania danych statys

Angielski dla celów akademickich (English for Academic Purposes)

Jeżeli okaże się, że znajomość angielskiego jest niewystarczająca dla potrzeb uniwersyteckich, kandydat na studia w Wielkiej Brytanii może zostać wysłany na akademicki kurs językowy. Najczęściej musisz go zaliczyć zanim zaczniesz studia. Kursy najczęściej rozpoczynają się pod koniec września lub na

Forget work, let's just have some fun

looking for a new job in their coffee break.But what is fun? Some companies have competitions throwing blow-up dolls. Others make employees into human bowling balls, strapping them to skateboards and hurling them, crash helmet and all, at skittles in the car park.Google is almost evangelical in its

Credit without the crunch

Amid soaring debt and house repossessions, US pawn shops have reported a wave of people handing over their gold and diamond dentures. The above pair, pictured at the State Pawners and Jewellers in Chicago, Illinois, were said to have belonged to an owner desperate to pay $1,500 for his daughter's

638 ways to kill Fidel Castro

Fabian Escalante, who, for a time, had the job of keeping El Commandante alive, has calculated that there have been a total of 638 attempts on Castro's life. While the idea of an exploding cigar that was intended to blow up in Castro's face is perhaps the best-known of the attempts on his life

Firma założona przez Polaka nagrodzona przez królową Elżbietę II

planach ekspansji naszej firmy a także porozmawiać o Polsce i Polonii w UK" - odpowiedział Ostrowski, zapytany o ceremonię wręczenia nagrody. The Queen's Award for Enterprise jest najbardziej prestiżową angielską nagrodą biznesową. Każdego roku nagrodę przyznaje królowa z rekomendacji premiera

Useless inventions - part 2

. Since the Victorian era, some of humankind's most creative brains have kept themselves busy creating answers for needs that didn't exist and solutions that are more cumbersome than the problems they promised to tackle. To inspire nominations for the Landfill Prize, the Times runs its own list of the

Size matters

their training, with many SMEs not big enough for in-house HR departments But while larger organisations may have more structured training in place, the downside is that the bigger the employer, the more company-specific the training - which can make your new skills less transferable. Research carried

What would work be like if women had their way? (part 1)

GEMMA BLACKBURN 31 PRESS OFFICER, DEPARTMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN KABUL, AFGHANISTAN What I want from a job is unlimited adventure, but also security. Weirdly, that's what I've got at the moment, because, basically, I'm a civil servant - but in a warzone. By adventure, I don't just mean

A no-holds barred office brawl could be a very good thing

Why don't people in offices have more fights? I don't mean the interminable biscuit wars where desk one won't share their jam tarts with desk two for reasons that are lost in the mists of time and understanding. I mean honest-to-goodness, stand-up blazing rows. You fight with your family, your

Breaking the email compulsion (part one)

hours a week figuring out what they were doing moments before. It had been assumed that email doesn't cause interruptions because the recipient chooses when to check for and respond to email. But Jackson found that people tend to respond to email as it arrives, taking an average of only one minute and

Office Christmas parties

Christmas is the most front-loaded holiday of the year. Much is made of how early we start shopping and decorating for Christmas, but we also celebrate Christmas early, and repeatedly, in the run-up to the 25th. We attend galas and cocktail receptions and concerts. We celebrate Christmas with

Work is never boring

at work. They keep a lid on it some of the time, but the potential for bonkers behaviour is always there. The more professional office life is supposed to be, the more ready everyone in it seems to be to cut loose. Every office has its own reasons for suspending normal activity: birthdays, football

Certyfikowany kurs Human Resources Manager,

. Szczegółowy program kursu dostępny na stronie organizatora Więcej informacji: Aleksandra Bartosińska Kierownik projektu tel.: (22) 420 55 31 Aleksandra Bartosinska Organizator: Institute for International Research Sp. z o.o jest polskim przedstawicielstwem IIR Global - międzynarodowej firmy organizującej

Is alcohol a tonic or a toxin?

That said, here is what the studies indicate. It's important to note that most findings refer to moderate consumption, defined as one alcoholic drink a day for women and up to two for men. Also, the benefits are confined to people who do not have ailments, like chronic liver disease, or take

Useless inventions - part 1

Today's consumer society has become astonishingly adept at inventing pointless, hopeless, resource-sucking gizmos, but let's not pretend we have a monopoly on this. Since the Victorian era, some of humankind's most creative brains have kept themselves busy creating answers for needs that didn't

The virtual office has arrived

I had looked up the headquarters of the person I was to see and chose a place a few roads away so it would be convenient for her. I needn't have bothered. It was just an accommodation address. She and her colleagues - there are five of them - work from home, using (free) space in the Royal Festival

How to deal with truants from the workplace

private sector to upgrade buildings and technical infrastructure which had been crumbling for decades thanks to Treasury neglect. The builders and desk-space planners are in, and while parts of the estate remain shabbily institutional, most staff now work in a far more congenial environment. Bennett's

The nail-biting hysteria has begun

The 32-nation tournament, which kicked off in Germany last week is a winner-takes-all competition where every match is a battle and the delirium of world domination takes a powerful hold on collective psychology, writes Tim Parks in The Wall Street Journal . For one heady month the national team


does not let people carry days off from year to year. Instead, for the past few years, employees at all levels have made informal arrangements with their direct supervisors, guided mainly by their ability to get their work done on time. Many people post their vacation plans on electronic calendars that

Surviving the social minefield at work

. I remember going from a very sweary office to a sedate and quiet one where I had to start saying "fudge" and "sugar". It was like being at home for Christmas. It's also clear after a week or two at your new desk that a lot of business and general chit-chat takes place away from

The shine has come off Supermum

Leaving aside the fact that all this is based on a six-year-old survey, and also that record numbers of women are now returning to work, who is or was Supermum anyway? I am a woman who works (as arts editor for the Guardian), and who also has a small child. Ninety per cent of the time these two

A Countdown to 300 Million

Bureau for guidance in anointing a newborn the 300 millionth American. But it turned out there wasn't much the bureau could do, said spokesman Robert Bernstein, because no one actually counts each new American. The clock is an estimate based on an algorithm that takes into account births, deaths and

The Plight of Polish workers in Ireland

In those countries, Polish, Hungarian or Baltic nationals can apply for a job freely: they do not require a work permit. According to the European Commission's report, all parties have benefited from that decision. Over the last two years, the economy has grown more in these countries than in other

Office queen bees hold back women's careers

They were also prone to mark down women's prospects for promotion and to assess them as more controlling than men in their management style. The findings, based on experiments carried out among more than 700 people, suggest that female rivalry in the workplace may sometimes be as important as

Psychometric testing

tests comprise numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, spatial awareness and diagrammatical reasoning. These are often modified according to the type of role you are applying for and unlike an "entrance exam", employers are looking at where you fall on the scale rather than how high your score

Web Fuels Plagiarism

against the Stamp Act. Teachers who still assign long papers - 10 pages or more with footnotes and bibliographies - often require students to attach companion essays that describe every step of their research and writing. Even then, teachers scour the Internet for suspicious turns of phrase. And some

A creative revolution

Many of these barriers are already breaking down - the lines between "amateur" and "professional," and "user" and "creator" are becoming increasingly blurred.A common space of cultural information is available for the public at large to share, rework, and

Coping with migrants

deducting inflated sums for housing and transport directly from pay packets, according to one recent report. The report, partly undertaken by young migrant workers seconded to a local council, paints a picture of a county where working conditions have returned to the 19th century, with officialdom

How to be organised

Some of you might think that working like this is just, well, working. For the rest of us, life isn't quite so easy. Things get done in the harsh glare of real-life disorganisation, at a desk quivering with piles of - who knows? - on a keyboard sprinkled with crumbs. Diaries languish unfilled

10 things your boss hates about you

initiative. Managers absolutely hate being bothered by stuff that really, if you thought about it for even a second, you could work out for yourself. They also hate constant updates and being CCd in on everything. They pay you to do a job - get on with it... Too much initiative. A marketing manager for a

Soccer With a Dark Side

Human trafficking is the third-largest criminal industry in the world, after arms and drugs. While soccer fans anticipate the excitement of the games, many people in the anti-trafficking movement are deeply troubled by the expected surge of sex trafficking in Germany to meet the demand for

The rise of corporate yoga classes

for the yoga sessions. "You spend so much time at work looking after other people's needs, whether clients or your colleagues or boss. Yoga is about looking after yourself. It's great," says employee Eimear McElroy. Słownik swap their business suits for tracksuits - zamienić garnitury na

Najstarszy zawód na... Wyspach

To tylko praca... - zwierzenia młodej prostytutki Głos opinii publicznej na temat prostytuujących się Polek na Wyspach to głos bezlitosnego kata stojącego nad ofiarą, która nie może się bronić. Postanowiliśmy więc dotrzeć do Polek, które na Wyspach trudnią się najstarszym zawodem świata i dowiedzie

Some surprise scenarios that may lie ahead

A brain-enhanced worldBy 2018, businesses will routinely use microchips to enhance employees' abilities. Chips will be implanted in brains to enhance memory or knowledge, but may also monitor and control behaviour. Companies should think about the use and misuse of such technologies.A world ruled by

The age of rage

Here are some facts: Britain suffers the second-worst road rage in the world after South Africa; 38% of men are unhappy at work; no fewer than 27% of managers in the construction industry have sought medical help for stress, anxiety or depression; the country's leading anger counsellor says the

Speak up loud and proud

spiders) for which we seek help from therapists.It's not just lowlier staff members who have a dislike of standing up in public. Managers, executives and business gurus also frequently suffer from a fear of public speaking - serial entrepreneur Richard Branson is notorious for his dislike of the

W Irlandii co piąty Polak bez pracy

Na podstawie ankiety przeprowadzonej wśród Polaków w raporcie NICEM napisano, że niewielu z nich ubiega się o zapomogę dla bezrobotnych i zmaga się z biurokratycznymi przeszkodami w dostępie do rynku pracy i zasiłków. Jednym z powodów są trudności, na które napotykają starając się o uznanie ich kwal

Dealing with fear and loathing

rather penetrating voice as something that would go away with time, maybe as I got to know him better. But my initial antipathy turned into real hatred as the months went by and it became so severe that I had to get out for my own sanity."Every office has its challenging colleagues - among them, the

Virtual workplace and teamwork

comes on the heels of a 2005 Economist Intelligence Unit survey of retailing and consumer goods companies. The survey found that the second most important factor for improving productivity over the next 15 years - after more efficient organisational structures - was better communication among the

Brytyjscy pracodawcy pomogą swoim pracownikom rzucić palenie?

Na tę sumę składają się: obniżenie wydajności pracowników z powodu częstych przerw, nieobecności spowodowane chorobami wywołanymi przez palenie, wypadki przy pracy oraz zagrożenie pożarowe. Od 1 lipca w Wielkiej Brytanii zacznie obowiązywać całkowity zakaz palenia w miejscach pracy i wszystkich zamk

Microsoft przegrał ważne głosowanie nad OOXML

Microsoft odniósł poważne zwycięstwo, gdy jego standard został wstępnie zaakceptowany przez ISO. By podtrzymać dobrą passę koncern powinien wygrać głosowanie w INCITS, które jest bardzo ważne, jeśli chodzi o poparcie w północnoamerykańskim komitecie ISO. OOXML zyskał poparcie osób związanych z Intel

Fed up with your boss?

for Britain's bosses may never be quite the same again. Founded by "Kate", a 26-year-old PA in the City, PA Secrets claims to offer secretaries - whether they work for "the CEO of a leading record label or the regional manager of a dog-food company" - an "online retreat from

Oficjalna witryna ODF

Ma on stanowić źródło wszelkich informacji dotyczących ODF (Open Document Format). Warto przypomnieć, że format ten zastał zaaprobowany przez organizacje zajmujące się standaryzacją OASIS, ISO (International Standards Organization) oraz IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) jako międzynaro

Novell prostuje i apeluje o rozsądek

Hovsepian podkreśla, że umowa o kooperacji z Redmond miała na celu zapewnienie użytkownikom łatwej współpracy systemów Windows i SUSE Linux w wersji dla przedsiębiorstw (ang. enterprise), a przy okazji - wzajemne wsparcie podczas sprzedaży produktów. Jednocześnie Microsoft poprosił o dodatkowe posz

iPod pozwala szacować inflację

Oprócz iPoda i innych odtwarzaczy MP3 do koszyka trafiły także kupowane przez Internet pliki audio. Dzięki nim ONS - odpowiednik polskiego Głównego Urzędu Statystycznego - tworzy sobie obraz zakupów mieszkańców Wielkiej Brytanii i na tej podstawie określa spadek wartości pieniądza. Wszystkich obserw

The Workers Registration Scheme and welfare shopping

....A new EU directive is going to change the nature of European migration, starting this month. Welfare shopping is about to take-off... But by the end of 2005, more than 200,000 workers from Poland alone had signed up to the Workers Registration Scheme in Britain. The number of people in the UK w

Połowa imigrantów z nowych krajów członkowskich już opuściła Wyspy

- Oceniamy, że około 30 tysięcy mniej imigrantów przybyło w drugiej połowie 2007 roku, w porównaniu z drugą połową 2006 roku - napisano w raporcie. - Czterech z 10 badanych przez nas polskich imigrantów uważa, że większe możliwości zatrudnienia zachęcąją Polaków żyjących w Wielkiej Brytanii do powro

Lekcja 23: Dyskryminacja w pracy

it for example by introducing strategies that promote integration and diversity management. But what does this actually mean in practice? Diversity management means creating an environment that allows all citizens to enjoy real opportunities for employment in the organisation, and then equal rights

Lekcja 39: Nowy Rok

get the most out of your job experience. For example, take advantage of your employer-sponsored programs, if any. Also, participate in more training and education programmes to master your skills and become a true professional. Speaking of which, constantly improve your personal brand: decide what is

Lekcja 2: How to read job ads

This time you will have the opportunity to learn how to read and understand job advertisements written in English, which will allow you to avoid misunderstandings as well as applying for posts that are not suitable for you, and as a result - will save both your time and nerves. How to read job ads

SETI@home przechodzi do historii

Przypomnijmy, że celem SETI@home jest poszukiwanie cywilizacji pozaziemskich przez analizę emisji radiowej kosmosu rejestrowanej przez największe radioteleskopy na Ziemi przy użyciu wolnej mocy obliczeniowej komputerów podłączonych do Internetu. Jednostką koordynującą projekt SETI@home jest Uniwersy

Lekcja 30: Delegowanie obowiązków

Everybody needs somebody and no matter how hard you try, you can't do everything your own. To save both your time and energy, and at the same time enhance your interpersonal skills, don't hesitate - delegate! Although many supervisors avoid delegating responsibilities for various reasons, such as

Lekcja 16: Praca w Hiszpanii

unjust stereotypes and look for a job in the land of tapas and flamenco? Spain covers an area of over half a million km2 and has a population of approximately 47 million people, not including the additional 60 million visitors per year, many of whom are Europeans residing there for a long time. Nearly 12

Lekcja 19: Podróże służbowe

Business trips concern an increasingly growing number of employees, and not those only in large corporations. What are their types and what you should know when it comes to accounting costs of business travel made in Poland? In short, what should every employee know when leaving for a business

Free speech versus civility

He points out however, that most of these efforts failed, in part because they presented too sharp a contradiction with the right of free speech. Despite the United States' sad history of slavery and racism, the American value of free speech, even deeply offensive free speech, has generally taken pr

Fałszywe dane na identyfikatorach pracowników metra. "Chcemy uniknąć stalkerów"

mediów społecznościowych spowodował wzrost liczby dziwnych incydentów - stalkingu, nękania czy molestowania - wśród pracowników Transport for London. Pracownicy, a zwłaszcza pracownice opowiadają, że pasażerowie często tropią ich na Facebooku czy Twitterze i próbują nawiązać kontakt albo wyrazić

Lekcja 10: Niepełnosprawni na rynku pracy

recognised. This is why it is crucial for all disabled people to realise that they can work, which might be for them not only an additional source of income, but also a rewarding occupation. In Poland, there are more than two million people with some degree of disability, of whom almost twenty five per cent

"Kariera IT" - 31 stycznia w Katowicach!

:// ), konkursy z nagrodami i oczywiście możliwość zapoznania się z aktualnymi i najlepszymi ofertami pracy. Tematy prelekcji i warsztatów: -How SQL Server executes a query? (Przemysław Pogorzelec) -Zhakuj pracę marzeń (Anna Jędrzej) -Always Be Responsible for Any Code You Write, Even for Fun

Lekcja 15: Polscy w Wielkiej Brytanii

In the last decade, the number of Poles in the UK has increased by over ten times. There is an increasing trend in Polish immigrants holding managerial positions, working in research and making business. According to experts, the British economy would be much weaker if it wasn't for us. So why

Lekcja 5: List motywacyjny po angielsku

Although drawing up a cover letter may be time-consuming, it is worth doing. If your CV gets through the selection, the ultimate success can depend on the letter. In this episode you will learn how to write it so that it is interesting for the recruiters, without making them bored or put off. You

Lekcja 35: Komunikacja wewnętrzna w firmie

Good communications within the company improves the level of job satisfaction and has a positive impact on the atmosphere in the office. This is why it is so important to develop an efficient environment for communications with employees and we will show you how to do exactly that. First and

Lekcja 34: Gorące biurka

work space is shared, so that there are more employees than desks. So how not to lose track of what you were doing with such a staff rotation? For example, each work station may have its own computer but with separate login for particular employees. Alternatively, personnel works using portable

Lesson 15: Work Permit

EXERCISE I 1. Issuing 2. Entitlement 3. Apply 4. Transferred 5. taken up 6. comply with 7. undertake 8. charge 9. apply 10. Holders EXERCISE II 1. With 2. For 3. Up 4. to 5. for 6. for EXERCISE III 1. F 2. F 3. T 4. T 5. F 6. F

[29.11.2014]"Kariera IT" - 29 listopada w Poznaniu!

(Grzegorz Rumatowski) Always Be Responsible for Any Code You Write, Even for Fun. NoException(); (Matt Harasymczuk) Zhakuj pracę marzeń (Iza Wojtaszek) Druk 3D dziś i jutro (Jan Sobkowski) Warsztat: Wyszukiwanie pełnotekstowe od podstaw (Andrzej Bobak) Więcej informacji i rejestracja na stronie wydarzenia

Lekcja 3: Jak się ubrać na rozmowę kwalifikacyjną

your professionalism. Since the job market is more and more competitive, you should take every opportunity to stand out and make a positive impression when you first meet your potential employer or his/her representative. The interview, therefore, is a time for you to try to make the best impression

Lekcja 8: Assessment Center

If you are invited to a recruitment meeting which takes the form of the Assessment Center, don't panic! This is usually the final stage of the selection of applicants and the very fact of making it there is already a success and a distinction. So, bask for a moment in the well-deserved pride, and

Lekcja 26: Networking

. Therefore, any promotional activity is preceded by thorough analysis of their behavior, which allows for using appropriate, and, more importantly, efficient marketing methods, as well as choosing the right form of communication. In addition, social media provide the opportunity to use social network

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agendę i starają się dopasować ją do potrzeb polskiej społeczności IT. Na scenie pojawią się między innymi: Jarek Pałka (JIT me baby one more time), Jakub Marchwicki (Wyobraź sobie że cała publiczność siedzi nago...) i Maciej Mensfeld (Trailblazer - A High-Level Architecture For The Web

Lesson 52: Returning to work after maternity leave

EXERCISE I 1a, 2b, 3c, 4a, 5c, 6a EXERCISE II 1T, 2F, 3F, 4T, 5T EXERCISE III 1)anticipate 2)eligibility 3)assess 4)phase into 5)accounts for 6)make up for 7)tackling 8)attempting 9)given up 10)nuts and bolts

Lesson 43: hot jobs

EXERCISE I 1F, 2F, 3T, 4F, 5T, 6F EXERCISE II 1. Demand for 2. Array of 3. Need for 4. Interest in 5. Time off 6. Contribute to EXERCISE III 1. Incentives 2. Outstrips 3. Woo 4. Lucrative 5. Alleviate 6. Grueling 7. array