Web Fuels Plagiarism

School term papers may be going the way of the typewriters once used to write them. It's so easy to cheat and steal from the Internet that professors don't even assign papers anymore. They got tired of checking for cheaters, writes Terril Yue Jones in "The Times."

How to deal with truants from the workplace

When you last took a day off, was it for a real illness or did the thought of going to work just make you sick? - asks Mat Snow in the Guardian. Whether casual or serious, absence from work through sickness is near the top of the political agenda, especially in the public sector, where the taxpayer foots the bill.

The race for the $100 laptop

Three years later, OLPC appears to be changing the computer industry, although not in the way its founders imagined. The sector has discovered the marketing power of the poor and has increasingly come to believe that the vast majority of the world's population that does not already possess a compute

Scots not in Pole position on service

Not everyone will complete the process. Many will move on or go home. This is a shame because I would prefer if all of them stayed and took part in the total eradication of all the worst parts of being Scottish. This would apply in particular to our service industries, where the prevailing Scottish

Mary Brown is talking to Doctor Johnson about her illness.

1.feel shivery 2.going on 3.came on 4.virus infection 5.picked up 6.run down 7.runny nose 8.influenza epidemic 9.patient 10.sick leave 11.indoors 12.tonsils 13.make light of

Lesson 28: Surviving Layoff

EXERCISE I 1.set aside 2.stick to 3.time off 4.going about 5.enhance 6.eligible 7.layoffs 8.negligent 9.reinstated 10.denial 11.opening EXERCISE II 1F 2T 3T 4F 5T 6F 7F EXERCISE III 1c 2e 3d 4a 5b 6f

Shock report reveals the exploitation of immigrant workers

going rate, or who fail to give the foreign workers the benefits and help they are entitled to. więcej: http://news.scotsman.com/politics.cfm?id=866142006

The Workers Registration Scheme and welfare shopping

....A new EU directive is going to change the nature of European migration, starting this month. Welfare shopping is about to take-off... But by the end of 2005, more than 200,000 workers from Poland alone had signed up to the Workers Registration Scheme in Britain. The number of people in the UK

Lesson 6: Business meetings

it first set time -to plan when something is going to begin or end in advance - before a particular time, or before doing a particular thing visual aids - something that helps you understand or remember information, such as a picture or film regardless of - despite something heading into - move on to

Lesson 99. Know your ABCDE

'. Negative consequence: 'I'm not going to talk to her about the report again. In fact, I'm going to avoid her from now on'. D - is for Dispute. The positive consequence is reasonable. Dispute the negative. Challenge the reason for the negative consequence. 'Hang on, I've noticed that she's behaving the same

Lekcja 12: Negocjacje z szefem

improve, which might rather lead to you being asked to leave. Now. Knowing what we want and how we are going to persuade, we are almost there. It's only enough to have the right attitude during the negotiations themselves. Remember to speak clearly and intelligibly, make eye contact, actively listen to

Lekcja 11: Pierwszy dzień w pracy

below, and everything is bound to go smoothly. Obviously, you would like to make the best impression possible on all those that you are going to meet tomorrow, but there is no hassle - you will have plenty of time to gain their trust, respect, and perhaps even friendship. And, after all, you are not on

Testing times ahead for job-hunters

Dobkin, director of employment agency Connections. "When you go to an interview they want to know that you are capable of talking clearly and concisely, so they ask everybody going for telesales roles to impersonate Trevor McDonald. "I've also heard of a company who have taken the next step

Lesson 63: Growing green

longer afford to ignore the challenges of poverty, climate change and globalisation. More and more companies are investing in green energy projects and going carbon neutral. But are they really altruistic or just opportunistic? Aren't they just jumping on the eco-bandwagon? Climate change creates new

Lesson 88. Why you need to have a plan

Why does a fool part so easily with his money? - Because the fool doesn't have a plan. The plan is a beacon for your new business strategy or a career move. The plan tells you how you are going to get there. It doesn't have to be a grand business plan; it can be just a plan. But you can't really

Promotion isn't everything

staff into going the extra mile in their current role. "It is possible for an employer to reject you for promotion simply because they don't like the look of you," says Sarah Beale, spokeswoman for the Trades Union Congress (TUC). "Good companies should offer transparent procedures for

Sit back, relax and do nothing

down time. Relaxation is not a competitive sport - and, just because a bit of sitting about is not going to help you notch up your daily minutes of activity, or clean the fridge and mop the floor, does not mean it should be sniffed at. Particularly if you can fit in a quick snooze while you are at it

Lekcja 2: How to read job ads

common requirements include holding a driving licence, having an academic degree or speaking a given foreign language. In case of the full time job, it is usually clarified which days and what hours you are going to work (6), while in the case of a part-time job it's settled rather at a later stage. Last

Serious illness - should you tell them at work?

serious illness is something that is going to affect more people over time. "Because of demographic changes and changes to the retirement age, we are going to see more people being diagnosed while still in employment," she says. "And it's not just cancer - people are living longer, and

Lesson 94. Retirement is boring, "returnment" is exciting

affecting modern British society. It has found that the make-up of the workforce is changing with more people going back to work after retirement or starting again with a new career. As men and women live longer, more employees are being forced to carry on working to fund their retirement, making a second

Forget work, let's just have some fun

. Good times lead to good business." But there is a dark side to fun as well. Not every employee wants to be treated like a cow. One of them said: "I've been to 20 company picnics and haven't enjoyed one. They are an opportunity for career suicide." Meanwhile, the attack monkey is going

E-mails with kisses

informality. What happened to "Dear Sir", "Yours faithfully" and the bracing pleasures of a firm handshake? Many of us don't care for slacker email correspondence where all the words are in lower case. Frankly, if you're going to bother to write to me, the least you can do is use your

Psychometric testing

testing situation is going to stress an individual, then is a workplace situation going to stress them more?" Słowniczek gauge an individual's aptitude or personality - ocenić czyjeś uzdolnienia lub osobowość give additional insight - dostarczyć dodatkowych informacji numerical reasoning, verbal

Tea works

says. "I think that wise employers recognize that people aren't actually wasting their time at work when they go off for a cup of tea. Whatever hectic stuff is going on around you goes on hold for a minute while you go through what is a familiar and comforting routine." Both black and green

10 commandments for "slow" workplace

Ever thought that going "slow"at work could help you get more done? No- me neither. We live in a hectic, 24/7 society, full of power-walking workaholics, where Madonna sleeps with a BlackBerry under her pillow and slowing down is for losers. One recent survey by the consumer research firm

Big Brother in the Office

. It raises very serious privacy issues." Peter Skyte, a national officer for the union Unite, said: "This system takes the idea of monitoring people at work to a new level with a new level of invasiveness but in a very old-fashioned way because it monitors what is going on rather than the

Lesson 86. Weird works

inland. They faced disease, brutal living conditions and a dangerous enemy. Fearing that his soldiers might flag in their determination to keep going, Cortez resorted to a brutal, but beautifully simple remedy: he burnt the ships that could have taken the soldiers home.So, forget the past and think weird

Lesson 79. Nothing succeeds like failure

of WOW. No WOW project ever comes into being without your willingness to court excellent failures! If you are not going to fail 8 out of 10 times, says Peters, you're doing something wrong. Mediocre success may be just fine for mediocre business people, but don't you want to live in a WOW land? Far

Lesson 75. Work on the brand called YOU

will be going from project to project, mostly working with strangers. Each time you will be selling yourself anew - marketing your point of view, marketing your worth, marketing Me Ltd. You must Pursue True Mastery. Competence in basic business skills like marketing and networking is essential. But it

Lesson 74: Show talent in the brand YOU world

. Your brand. The brand called YOU. According to Tom Peters, the prophet of modern business thinking, the industrial age is over. The white-collar paper processing age is over. Great products are not enough. Great services are not enough either. You are not going 'to make it' in the New Economy solely

Spreading office gossip

or who you'd kiss/shag/push off a cliff.The only problem is that, no matter how secretive you think you're being, the person you are bitching about almost certainly suspects that something is going on. Someone I know recently got confronted by a colleague she'd been passing notes about. She forgot to

Burned out at work by boredom

boredom-based counterpart. Instead of working all hours and going out in a blaze of stress-related glory, you do an uninspiring job that fails to stretch you and become disinterested and apathetic. It's surprisingly common: according to new research by occupational psychologist Dr Sandi Mann, a third of

Beware naked ambition

corporate culture varies considerably. "My advice to any individual is to be self-aware and to do your homework on the organisation you're going to." Corporate and indeed global culture play a big part here. British, particularly English, companies tend to have a slightly more reserved approach

Lesson 23: Poles claim UK child benefit

paying the heavy price of immigration. Unemployment is up, wages are held down and, in some cases, undercut. Students can't find holiday jobs. The only institution that has never had it so good is the Roman Catholic Church. Empty parishes that were going to close now find churches bursting at the

Lesson 20: Downshifting

income, yet we're further in debt than ever before. We suffer from stress, depression and obesity as we wrestle with the ills of overconsumption and the endless disappointments of consumer life What's going on? Is the western world is in the grip of 'affluenza', a consumption binge that is eating us

Goodbye city life

Asia. He left his job in July and is now exhibiting alongside Salvador Dali's work at London's County Hall and winning commissions across Europe after turning to art full time. Many of the thousands of foreigners who migrated to Britain to work in the finance industry are now going back home. Some are

The nail-biting hysteria has begun

better off if we took Mark Steel's advice in The Independent and tried to enjoy the World Cup regardless of the successes or failures of our national team. The difficulty sure to arise from hysterical exaltations for "our boys" to win the cup, is that they're not going to win the cup, writes

What would work be like if women had their way? (part 1)

my coffee, contemplating how I was going to spend the afternoon, perhaps out on my horse or gardening. But then I could spin back to my desk with a brilliant idea that would boost my business and put me back in touch with the City. Słowniczek I've always had a bit of a rebellious streak - zawsze

Breaking the e-mail compulsion (part 2)

don't work, says Stafford, "because they don't help people to change their behaviour while they are actually using email. Once your email is back, you're going to respond to it in the same old ways unless you replace your bad habits." For a tool that business depends so heavily on, we put

Working with family

well, they can predict what you're going to do, understand your responses and explain your reactions to other people around you," she says. This might seem an advantage but, says May, can have a downside. "While they may understand your response, it might be one that infuriates them at home

Desk jockeys

of psychology at University College London, is less than convinced. During the second world war, research showed that easy-listening tracks boosted productivity among factory workers. But, reasons Furnham, that doesn't mean it's going to help in offices. "If the task is simple, mechanical and

How to e-network

While nepotism has its limits (you're never going to get a job as a molecular biologist purely on the basis of having the right connections), knowing someone in the industry you want to get into can't do your chances any harm. At the very least you can phone up to cadge a few tips on what to put in

How a job intverview is like dating

conflicts in your personal, academic or professional life. Interviews very rarely end with a half-hearted argument about who's going to pay and/or an amateurish kiss. Unless you've really impressed the head of HR. Strangely, as the labour market gets more flexible and people move jobs more often, the

Surviving the social minefield at work

. I remember going from a very sweary office to a sedate and quiet one where I had to start saying "fudge" and "sugar". It was like being at home for Christmas. It's also clear after a week or two at your new desk that a lot of business and general chit-chat takes place away from

Coffee and work

you're left with the corresponding trough, in which you feel excessively tired - and you reach for another coffee to get you through it. Going to get a cup of coffee also gives you an opportunity to get away from the desk and be sociable. We also know that people who take regular breaks are more

How to look for a new job while still at your old job

building. An internal move might seem, at first glance, far easier to keep secret. No one's going to be that shocked to see you hanging around the office, chatting to a colleague in a boardroom, with HR in attendance. What could be more natural? There's virtually no point in (or hope of) trying to keep it

Work is never boring

games, someone weeping in the toilets which necessitates every single member of your team going to offer a shoulder to cry on. When was the last time you looked up and saw everyone just quietly getting on with their jobs? Never? And that's just on a normal day. If anything slightly eventful happens

How to be organised

is going on (which is more than half the battle won). Be decisive: you'll save time and stress, and impress people who might promote you. And if you make the wrong decision? Organise an immediate, important meeting to sort the situation out. But beware: there is such a thing as being too organised

Breaking the email compulsion (part one)

fetch it, I'll deal with it in my own time, but I'm not going to let it upset me'." The second group felt "driven" to keep on top of email, but also felt that they could cope with it. The third group, however, reacted negatively to the pressure of email. "That causes stress,"

10 things your boss hates about you

, the doctor. The biggest insult is that you think they believe you. Childishness. I'm paraphrasing, but the key message here is: "I'm not your mum. Don't email me about the brand of toilet paper in the loo. Don't leave the kitchen in a mess. I'm not going to clean up after you and I don't care


that be are keen to give it the hard sell. So, for me, it's the end of multitasking. I am going to do one thing after the other and that is it. And this will not put me at a disadvantage. For I have one skill that will shortly be in big demand. I am great at balancing things in a hammock. Słownik: hot

Lesson 43: Network your way into a job

out multiple copies of your updated CV and sending or emailing them to your prospective employers. But do you know that your CV stands little chance of being read? And many of them, as you probably know, don't even get a reply. To be frank, cold-calling the job market is not going to get you very far


unfalteringly charming and sound as if you won't make waves. And all for a job you're not even going for. Słownik: partner-vetting - lustracja partnerów who mouths all the usual platitudes - wypowiada zwykłe frazesy while balancing a vol-au-vent and a glass of wine - elegancko radząc sobie z pasztecikiem i

Madonna and child

and her daughter, Zahara, 18 months, from Ethiopia (Jolie and Brad Pitt also have a biological daughter, Shiloh). Jolie has talked about adopting again, from another country. "We don't know which country," she told CNN. "But we're looking at different countries. It's going to be the

Alpha Males Can Make and Break a Business

At the age of 19, Michael Dell told his grandmother that the company he had just founded in his college dorm room was going to be "bigger than IBM". Soon after, the business was grossing dollars 80,000, and by 2001 Dell was the world's No1 in the personal-computer market. Today, Dell, 41

Why Hemingway Is Chick-Lit

richer and more complex imaginations. "Women have always had to try to understand what other people are doing because women have always had to negotiate their way through the family," she said. "They have always had to get their power by having a pretty good idea of what's going on inside

Office Christmas parties

, but instead we lodge the perennial complaint that the Christmas season has become too long, too commercial and characterised by excess. A recent YouGov survey suggests that two thirds of people dread their work's Christmas do, and 20% will do almost anything to avoid going. Meanwhile businesses worry

A no-holds barred office brawl could be a very good thing

other's comb-overs out for pepping up the mid-afternoon lull. But even factoring out the squalid entertainment aspect, wouldn't it be healthier all round if everyone had a good old slanging match every once in a while? Otherwise the effort of grinding your teeth in frustration is going to give us all

Don't worry, be happy?

Western world, writes Sylvia Patterson in the Sunday Herald. However, the happiness lobbyists are actually going a little further saying that concern with prosperity and economic growth diminishes the quality of our emotional life and makes us unhappy. They argue that if we were more modest in our

Na Wyspy jeżdżą wykształciuchy

pieniędzy transferowana jest do Polski w kieszeniach - twierdzi. Podsumowanie badania opublikował również angielski dziennik "Daily Mail" - "We're never going home... 300,000 Polish migrants plan to stay permanently in UK" - przeczytaj artykuł i komentarze Brytyjczyków Przypadek

Znalazłyśmy pracę przez EURES

: . well-organised, articulate, easy-going, excellent team-worker, driving license Mother tongue Polish Other languages English; French