The Sun zatrudnił dziennikarzy z Polski na czas Euro 2008

The Sun zatrudnił dziennikarzy z Polski na czas Euro 2008

Jak donosi dziennik The Guardian, popularny brytyjski tabloid The Sun zatrudnił dziennikarzy z Polski. Będą pomagać przy tworzeniu specjalnego dodatku z okazji rozpoczęcia mistrzostw Euro 2008.

The reluctant dieter

It's difficult to lose weight in winter, writes Kira Cochrane in the Guardian.

How to e-network

It's not what you know, it's who you know, writes Giles Morris in the Guardian.

A bleak holiday resort

ferry service and wheel-less Ladas rusting in the salty air. "The far east is one of Russia's most troubled regions. It's not heavily populated. The population continues to fall," Mark Urnov, the head of the Moscow-based think tank Expertise told the Guardian . "It's not Moscow-oriented

Tunnel to Africa

based on recent detailed studies of the geological patterns under the strait, is handed in next year. "We are just beginning the work, but I would say this is more difficult than the Channel Tunnel," Mr Lombardi told the Guardian . Actual construction of the 25-mile twin rail tunnel could

Oxford and Cambridge lectures online for all

For 800 years Oxford and Cambridge universities have competed in everything from Nobel prizes to boat races. The academic rivalry runs deep: Oxford has tutored 25 British prime ministers, while Cambridge claims Darwin and Newton as its own. But on October 6 the venerable institutions launched into b

Promotion isn't everything

Every office has one - the new employee eyeing up the corner office before they've even got their knees under the desk. But it's not just the odd over-eager graduate desperate for a few extra pennies - according to new research, half of us think we should be promoted within six months of starting a

The shine has come off Supermum

Leaving aside the fact that all this is based on a six-year-old survey, and also that record numbers of women are now returning to work, who is or was Supermum anyway? I am a woman who works (as arts editor for the Guardian), and who also has a small child. Ninety per cent of the time these two

Do you have stars in your eyes?

Ever gazed into the tea leaves and seen a future career in the occult? Probably not. Palmistry, astrology or seeing dead people is hardly the stuff of the nine to five. And where would you train - Harry Potter's Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? But there is money to be made out of occult

Breaking the e-mail compulsion (part 2)

If you find your mouse straying towards the "check email" button far too often, try these tactics: Turn off intrusive alerts. Anything that pops up, flashes, or goes "ding!" will interrupt you when you're trying to focus and will trigger a response to check your email. Set your e

Working with family

Nineteen-year-old logistics officer Adam Henderson gets on well with his manager. He has worked with her since January. "We have a really good relationship," he says, "she is a fair boss, who always tries to match the jobs which need doing to the skills of each worker. I really do enj

Cover stars

Got a new job? Exciting stuff - even if it is only until the person you're replacing returns to work. While it's not unheard of for bosses to moan about the pain of finding someone to cover (we've all encountered one of those), maternity leave can be a good thing for all involved: parents, jobseeker

Expressing anger in the workplace

Screaming at your cat? Forgivable. Screaming at your boyfriend? Understandable. Screaming at your colleagues? Totally, and utterly unacceptable. Or is it - is it possible to get angry at work without losing your professionalism, credibility and your job? Mark Rolle, head of HR at Lester Alldridge LL


Another year, another chance to talk to your boss about how your role should continue. Obviously, this will include a fair appraisal of your work so far, an insightful critique of both strengths and shortcomings, and a mutually agreed plan for how to forge ahead to new career successes. Or at least


Rich Hill has worked as a door-to-door salesman, a receptionist, an administrator, a PR, and an account handler. He has moved between industries including shipping, events, architecture, catering and law. So does this make him a fickle worker best left to temporary assignments? Or an ultra-experienc

Burned out at work by boredom

Does work drag? Do you start clock watching at 9.35am? Is the only thing that motivated you to return after Christmas the fact that your employer hasn't blocked Facebook yet? If the answer to these is yes, you may be suffering from "rust out".As the name suggests, rust out is burn out's bo

Why pets in the office can be a good thing

Pets in the office: four words that surely were never meant to be written together. Or so you'd think - but a growing number of businesses are coming round to the idea that having a furry friend at work can increase productivity while also helping staff to relax (unless, of course, you're allergic t

How to look for a new job while still at your old job

No one wants to spoil the one moment of pure, incandescent happiness that working life ever really affords us: that of marching into your boss's office and announcing the shock news of your imminent departure. But exactly how does one go about the subterfuge of a secret job interview? Read on ... ju

Social networking sites are a waste of time

The young are doing it, so it must be worth doing - join Facebook! You put your little face in, or not, if you can't work out how to do it. Other people who've done the same can now claim you as a "friend". Facebook emails you, to ask if they're really your friend. Depending on your mood,


In the second world war, there was a hard-hitting poster warning people that "careless talk costs lives". In modern Britain, the careless talk of spouses - tactless, politically insensitive, or explicitly non-corporate statements - is costing partners their dream jobs. It used to be only

Colour me happy

It's all about function and ratio. If you want a space where people will have a quick meeting, you might use bright and exciting colours - people can only stand them for five minutes to half an hour, and that will influence the way they talk to each other in that space. But a meeting room, where you

Migrants and unattractive told to leave

Hundreds of thousands of the migrant workers who built Olympic venues and beautified the city have already been sent home. Now Beijingers whose homes don't meet the organisers' high standards are being hidden behind walls and screens. Last week, the city even offered residents sartorial advice. Comb

Some surprise scenarios that may lie ahead

A brain-enhanced worldBy 2018, businesses will routinely use microchips to enhance employees' abilities. Chips will be implanted in brains to enhance memory or knowledge, but may also monitor and control behaviour. Companies should think about the use and misuse of such technologies.A world ruled by

How to retire

That's why it's important to plan ahead - by ensuring your Monopoly board is in good working order and there aren't too many letters missing from your Scrabble set. Board games will help you through that difficult first weekend, but you'll still need to find a way to fill the next 30 years. Cruises

Tribulations of the homeworker

Like many people I struggle to get the work-life balance right. I am probably what you would call a workaholic; I take extreme pride in my work, often to the detriment of relationships, friendships and family. When you are in love with your job it is (I imagine) much like having a mistress. You sidl

Serious illness - should you tell them at work?

Most of us would not hesitate to tell family and close friends about being diagnosed with a serious illness or chronic condition. But telling colleagues is another matter, writes Alice Wignall in the Guardian.You might be worried about their perception of your abilities, or simply not feel like shar

Coffee and work

It's the most widely used psychoactive drug in the world, 80% of UK adults use it on a weekly basis and globally it's estimated that the market for C8H10N402 (or caffeine, if you prefer) is worth around $70bn annually. For most people, it is an integral part of their working lives, providing a much-

Dealing with conflict at work

It's that really horrid job-interview moment. "So why did you leave your last position?" What to say? "Because the people I sat next to were really horrible." It's certainly not the most impressive line you could give a would-be employer - but it might be the most honest. Accordi

Twój szef też Cię nienawidzi

Nie masz jeszcze szefa i chcesz go koniecznie znaleźć? Poszukaj oferty pracy dla Ciebie w naszym serwisie. Spóźnienia Wszystkim może się zdarzyć popsuty autobus, powódź z pralki albo awaria budzika. Jednak dlaczego Tobie zdarza się to od poniedziałku do piątku...? Brak inicjatywy Twój szef nie cierp

Desk jockeys

Take a quick look around your office. Everyone is staring intently at their screens, quietly getting on with their work - or so it seems. But now look for the telltale wires snaking from peoples' ears - and the iPods and music players sitting on their desks. Some workplaces traditionally have a musi

Size matters

Large companies, as the thinking goes, are anonymous places where you simply disappear among the masses. They are more formal, keen on marketing-speak and like horrible, mission-statement posters and strict hierarchy. Small companies are great if you fancy a bit of responsibility - in theory you're

Breaking the email compulsion (part one)

Back in the early 1990s, email was a privilege granted only to those who could prove they needed it. Now, it has turned into a nuisance that's costing companies millions. We may feel that we have it under control, but not only do we check email more often than we realise, but the interruptions cause

How a job intverview is like dating

First, the similarities. Both require you to dress up, be well informed and engaging. Both also involve a vague, unpleasant nervousness which stems from being judged in an event specially organised for that purpose. "We'll keep your details on file" and "I'll call you" mean the s

Experts predict more home-working

Within a decade millions of workers will be at home juggling their careers with caring for children and older relatives, Britain's leading management institute forecast last week. Dreams of a future when technological advances would liberate us from the daily drudge and allow more time for leisure a

10 commandments for "slow" workplace

Ever thought that going "slow"at work could help you get more done? No- me neither. We live in a hectic, 24/7 society, full of power-walking workaholics, where Madonna sleeps with a BlackBerry under her pillow and slowing down is for losers. One recent survey by the consumer research firm

Robots, progress and the human cost

Fulfilling the dreams of bosses everywhere, Wakamaru San is never late, doesn't gossip or throw sickies, and somewhat unnervingly never stops smirking. That's because one-metre tall Wakamaru is an android, whose idea of a tea break is to find the nearest power socket and recharge itself when its bat

Office Christmas parties

Christmas is the most front-loaded holiday of the year. Much is made of how early we start shopping and decorating for Christmas, but we also celebrate Christmas early, and repeatedly, in the run-up to the 25th. We attend galas and cocktail receptions and concerts. We celebrate Christmas with collea

Positive contribution of migrants

"In recent years migrants have made a more positive contribution to the public finances than native workers; have often been highly skilled and accordingly captured higher labour market rewards," concludes the joint Treasury, Home Office and Work and Pensions study. "They have very li

Pregnancy at work

While the days of women being whisked over to a comfy chair and treated as invalids the moment their bump appeared may have passed, negotiating the office when pregnant isn't always easy. There are the hurdles of breaking the news, keeping your professional cool and legally, knowing your stuff - and

Push and shove: ambition in the workplace

According to Professor Ivan Robertson, business psychologist at Robertson Cooper, ambition is critical to success. "Some people are just more ambitious than others - the need to achieve and progress is one of the fundamental personality traits, and is pretty fixed from your early 20s onwards,&q

Get into the rhythm of work (part 3)

The constant demands of office life can make one day seem much like the next. In fact, there is a rhythm to the working week - one that savvy employees can use to their advantage. Research shows that rather than plodding by in an identical procession, some days are better than others for tasks requi

Get into the rhythm of work (part 2)

The constant demands of office life can make one day seem much like the next. In fact, there is a rhythm to the working week - one that savvy employees can use to their advantage. Research shows that rather than plodding by in an identical procession, some days are better than others for tasks requi

Get into the rhythm of work (part 1)

The constant demands of office life can make one day seem much like the next. In fact, there is a rhythm to the working week - one that savvy employees can use to their advantage. Research shows that rather than plodding by in an identical procession, some days are better than others for tasks requi

A no-holds barred office brawl could be a very good thing

Why don't people in offices have more fights? I don't mean the interminable biscuit wars where desk one won't share their jam tarts with desk two for reasons that are lost in the mists of time and understanding. I mean honest-to-goodness, stand-up blazing rows. You fight with your family, your partn

Work is never boring

Work has a bad reputation. Let's play a little game of word association. I say "work" and you say? Grey, boring, hard, boring, dull, boring, repetitive, boring, petty, boring, mind-numbing ... boring. Apart from the fact that you don't actually know the meaning of the word boring until you

Norway looks after its elderly - in Spain

In a new twist on care for the elderly, thousands of Norwegians are relaxing in the Spanish sun and taking health cures at a growing number of geriatric and rehabilitation centres run by Norwegian municipalities and staffed almost entirely by Norwegians in the Alicante region. The trend goes beyond

Testing times ahead for job-hunters

Applying for a job has always meant jumping through a few metaphorical hoops - but only recently have recruiters started asking people to jump through actual, real-life, hoops. Whether it's asking candidates to sing songs and gurn - despite both activities being conspicuously absent from the job d

Sit back, relax and do nothing

Finding time to wind down - rather than doing "relaxing" things - can be difficult. By the time you have fitted in the gym, your evening course, drinks with friends and trips to the cinema, theatre and galleries (must not fall behind on culture, of course), there is not much space in the d

Friends in high places

Bosom buddies with your manager? Or do you think that work and play don't mix? With a work-culture that increasingly emphasises relationships between staff, it's not uncommon for people to get on famously with their superiors. But all this good-feeling is not without its problems. While having close

The joke's on you

There are definitely times when laughter is no laughing matter. And while guffawing at funerals might be a fairly rare occurrence, nearly everyone has had an occasion where they have succumbed to an ill-timed fit of the giggles at work. Professor Richard Wiseman is a specialist in the psychology of

"Ona tylko robi herbatę" czyli najgorsze wymówki szefów, którzy nie płacili pensji minimalnej

Jak podaje Guardian, przedsiębiorcy złapani na nieprzestrzeganiu minimalnej płacy tłumaczyli się urzędnikom w bulwersujący sposób. Niektórzy myśleli, że przepisy nie dotyczą obcokrajowców. Inni doszli do wniosku, że pracownikowi sklepu nie przysługuje wynagrodzenie, jeżeli nie ma w nim klientów

The happiest place on the planet

The innovative global measure of progress, the Happy Planet Index, has been constructed by the New Economics Foundation (Nef) and Friends of the Earth using three factors: life expectancy, human wellbeing and damage done via a country's "environmental footprint". Vanuatu comes top because

TV cuts Brokeback Mountain gay scenes

Two love scenes between the male protagonistshad been excised, provoking furious accusations from gay-rights groups of censorship driven by creeping homophobia in Italy. "The need to change a film about homosexual love into a film about simple male friendship says a lot about the current cultur

How to retire

Board games will help you through that difficult first weekend, but you'll still need to find a way to fill the next 30 years. Cruises are popular among the recently retired. This is because being trapped with a group of people you don't particularly like - while carrying out a series of repetitive

Surviving the social minefield at work

Indeed anyone new is often slightly overwhelmed by trying to find out who the chief is, and how he or she can ingratiate themselves with the witch-doctor. You forget when you've been working somewhere a while that there are secret places, phrases, in-jokes and taboos that took you a while to learn.

How to deal with truants from the workplace

What better place to visit, then, to explore "sick-note culture" than a government agency so endemically unwell that sick leave seems to be a way of life. At the UK Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) every member of staff takes on average more than 11 sick days annually - on top of

Jealousy in the workplace not always a negative thing

Which might mean we're not such lovely people - but in the workplace, jealousy might not be such a bad thing: keeping an envious eye on your coworkers could help you earn a higher salary and a faster route up the career ladder. While most managers would prefer to keep negative emotions out of the of

The virtual office has arrived

I had looked up the headquarters of the person I was to see and chose a place a few roads away so it would be convenient for her. I needn't have bothered. It was just an accommodation address. She and her colleagues - there are five of them - work from home, using (free) space in the Royal Festival

E-mails with kisses

Perhaps the bizarre intimacy of strangers and colleagues in emails is symptomatic of a broader social malaise - namely we don't know how to begin, and, worse yet, we don't know how to end our emails. What's more, because email is such a casual means of communication, it privileges those who prize in

How to be a night owl and not get fired

"The Owl has the right to say: 'Give me the late riser's rhythm at work, at home and in society,'" trumpets the B-Society website, a movement rallying against the Danish 8am to 4pm working culture. "Let me come to work at 11am and go home at 8pm. Let me have quiet mornings to read my

Psychometric testing

Psychometric testing in the recruitment arena describes a range of exercises used by employers to gauge an individual's aptitude or personality. Tests roughly fall into two main groups - ability and personality - and are designed to give additional insight into a candidate's aptitude. Most ability t


"Trend predictors" (or "fortune tellers" to give them their original job title) never get sick of telling us about how, in a few years, we'll all be working part-time from a hammock in the Caribbean and video-conferencing with the lunar colony, and we had just better be ready for

Unusual banker

Grameen Bank, which Prof Yunus founded in the mid-seventies, has grown into an emblem of social capitalism, promoting the idea that with just a few dollars the poor would become entrepreneurs, pull themselves out of poverty and lift their poverty-stricken nation with them. In making money lending a

Bad girls

Everyone loves a bad girl, particularly in the theatre. Our stages are littered with the corpses of deadly women, from Medea to Lady Macbeth, from Vittoria in the White Devil, to Oscar Wilde's sexy Salome. These are women who pass through men's lives like a curse, leaving only death and destruction

Invisible cloak a reality?

Cloaking devices are keenly awaited and coveted by the military, which believes they will usher in a new age of stealth technology by hiding planes and other vehicles from radar. More advanced versions could ultimately be good enough to make objects or people invisible to onlookers. The prototype wa

Madonna and child

So Madonna has adopted a one-year-old boy from Malawi. She has been thinking about it for months, apparently. The pop star went to the southern African country visiting orphanages. It was reported that 12 children were "selected", from which she was to choose a little brother for her child

Why Hemingway Is Chick-Lit

Only one "sensitive male soul" took up his offer, while every woman he approached was "eager and grateful" to do the same. Unscientific as McEwan's experiment may be, writes Lakshmi Chaudhry in her essay for In These Times , its thesis is borne out by a number of surveys conducte

638 ways to kill Fidel Castro

Fabian Escalante, who, for a time, had the job of keeping El Commandante alive, has calculated that there have been a total of 638 attempts on Castro's life. While the idea of an exploding cigar that was intended to blow up in Castro's face is perhaps the best-known of the attempts on his life, oth

The rise of corporate yoga classes

If the prospect of spending any more time with your work colleagues already fills you with dread, having to take a seven-day break in a villa, pagoda or teepee studying yoga with them will probably tip you over the edge altogether. A growing number of bosses, however, think yoga breaks are a great i

How to socialise with the boss

So best to take advantage of the situation with some turbo-charged hobnobbing. Why, after all, spend time talking with Steve from the Swindon office when you could be chatting with someone important? Why chain yourself to a group of techies swapping hamster jokes when you could be winning influence

What is your motivation?

But even if it's not a question to reflect on out loud, in public places, we should consider what motivates us at work. What really made you get up this morning and trundle into the office with the sweating masses to knuckle down until five or six in the evening? In theory, we work to clothe, feed a

How to be organised

Some of you might think that working like this is just, well, working. For the rest of us, life isn't quite so easy. Things get done in the harsh glare of real-life disorganisation, at a desk quivering with piles of - who knows? - on a keyboard sprinkled with crumbs. Diaries languish unfilled; phone

Dealing with fear and loathing

Julia, a 29-year-old market research executive whose antipathy towards her immediate boss was so severe that she quit her otherwise-satisfying job last Christmas, sums up the problem. "I couldn't say I was bullied or harassed by my immediate boss, or at least no more than anyone else was, and p

Speak up loud and proud

Sounds familiar? If this scenario resonates with your own working life then you're certainly not alone. Speaking in public is routinely cited as one of people's worst fears, with some surveys ranking it above death and divorce. It is also one of the most common problems (alongside heights and spider

Spreading office gossip

Frankly, it's a little unfair. But that makes no difference to anyone. As one who has experienced both playgrounds and offices, I can safely say that the latter is definitely as cruel an environment.The problem is that bitching is such a good bonding experience. Everyone gets to feel simultaneously


As little as we like to admit it, though, the blood connection between father and child does not preclude acts of violence against the child. According to the NSPCC child protection charity, a man kills a family member in the UK once every eight weeks. Of the 99 under-16s killed in the UK between 2

Virtual workplace and teamwork

A study by Cisco Systems shows that virtual teams can take up to fourtimes as long to build trust than face-to-face teams. If you throwdifferent cultures into the mix, it can take those virtual teams up to 17 weeks before they bond and perform as well as a team based in one location. The study comes

Jak skutecznie uczyć się języka angielskiego

Oto zestaw inspiracji, które można wykorzystać do samodzielnej nauki języka angielskiego. Śledź newsy na anglojęzycznych portalach Jeśli jesteś głodny newsów o świecie, śledź strony anglojęzycznych mediów, jak agencja Reuters czy The Guardian. Podczas gotowania obiadu czy sprzątania oglądaj

Mafijnego kuriera zatrudnię

karabinem snajperskim, opuszczać inne kraje w "niekonwencjonalny sposób" oraz umieć wykorzystywać inne tożsamości. W każdym ogłoszeniu od kandydatów wymagano podania danych osobowych, e-maila, numeru telefonu oraz adresu zamieszkania. Jak pisze "Guardian" wielu kandydatów, którzy dali

Wielka Brytania: Bezrobotny podpalił się przed urzędem pracy

burzę. Sprawę skomentował "Guardian", który napisał, że bezrobocie w kraju jest niepokojąco wysokie. Bez pracy jest tam aż 2,75 mln ludzi (Polska wcale nie wypada lepiej - na koniec maja było nieco ponad 2 mln zarejestrowanych bezrobotnych). Co gorsze jednak - pisze dziennik powołując

Studia w Wielkiej Brytanii: czy zabraknie miejsc dla Polaków?

Niewykluczone. Tak przynajmniej alarmuje dziennik "The Guardian" w artykule omawiającym raport Higher Education Funding Council for England, jednej z brytyjskich instytucji oświatowych. Całe zamieszanie spowodowane jest przez pieniądze, a właściwie ich brak. Dotacje publiczne i czesne

Brytyjska zagadka: gospodarka się kurczy, a miejsc pracy przybywa

inflacja, bo ta rosła w tempie 2,7 proc. rocznie. "The Guardian" powołując się na opinie ekonomisty i komentatora Johna Philpotta podaje, że w 2013 roku pracownicy będą musieli pracować ciężej. Czekają ich obniżki i zwiększenie intensywności pracy. Do tego ogólna liczba pracowników będzie

Brytyjczycy pracują mniej niż chcą

. Dla porównania tylko co 20. zatrudniony na etacie chciałby redukcji godzin. Jak podaje "The Guardian", najwięcej osób pracujących w niezadowalającym wymiarze czasowym jest wśród sprzątaczek i robotników. Cytowany przez dziennik Brendan Barber, sekretarz generalny Centrali Związków

Przydatne linki - Wielka Brytania

Oferty pracy Workthing Monster British Jobs Job Site Job by doo The Best Jobs Job4 Hot Recruit Careers-scotland - informacje o pracy w Szkocji i oferty zatrudnienia Oferty na stronach gazet Guardian Jobs Independent Jobs Times Online Jobs Telegraph Jobs Informacje Jobcentre Plus - publiczne

Zażarta debata o imigracji w Brytyjskiej Izbie Lordów

był nikły lub wręcz zerowy. Stoi to w sprzeczności z nowymi, oficjalnymi danymi opublikowanymi wieczorem, że dzięki emigracji do kieszeni każdego Brytyjczyka wpłynęło dodatkowe 30 funtów. Jak podaje The Guardian przedstawiciele komisji przewidują, że imigracja utrzymująca się na tym poziomie spowoduje

List, który otwiera drzwi do kariery

Guardian", nawet 70 proc. ogłoszeń rekrutacyjnych nigdy nie wychodzi poza organizację. Pracodawcy zanim zdecydują się zatrudnić kogokolwiek, szukają kandydatów swoimi kanałami. Polegają np. na poleceniu aktualnych pracowników albo stosują rekrutacje wewnętrzne. Czy to znaczy, że gdy na rynku nie ma

Are you a stag or a buck?

Those coasting in their jobs tend to be long-standing employees who are no longer motivated or inspired to work hard, according to research quoted by Kate Hilpern of The Guardian. Many have become over-reliant on their wages and personal benefits. The consequences are not only bad news for highly

Prezes za dzień pracy dostaje twoją roczną pensję

finansowej śmietanki szefów europejskich firm - pisze brytyjski "The Guardian". Wśród najlepiej opłacanych był między innymi prezes banku Merrill Lynch Stanley O'Neal, który otrzymał 91 mln dolarów, szef AT&T Edward Whitacre z 60 mln i Ray Irani z Occidental Petroleum z 55 mln dolarów. W ubiegłym

Rusza nowa strona dla imigrantów w Wielkiej Brytanii

należy zapewnić im odpowiednią opiekę i wsparcie. W wywiadzie dla Guardian Unlimited, Mark Allison, kierownik Agencji, powiedział- Chcemy zachęcić odpowiednie osoby do przyjazdu do regionu, do przyjazdu z właściwego powodu, a w ten sposób możemy im pomóc zrozumieć co będzie im potrzebne i dostarczyć

Lesson 80: The power of the powerless

promoted - dostać awans to guard - strzec, pilnować guardian - strażnik, opiekun freaky - osobliwy, inny, nietypowy, niekonwencjonalny, ekscentryczny

Rozmowa kwalifikacyjna: "specjaliści" ds. rekrutacji

mieć do czynienia z niekompetentnym rekruterem. Jest to bowiem świetna okazja, aby zwiększyć swoje szanse na pracę. Zdaniem brytyjskiego dziennika "The Guardian", oprócz rozległego rekonesansu dotyczącego działalności firmy warto zadać sobie dwa pytania. "W czym jestem dobry/a i jak się

Jak i gdzie szukać pracy

, tel.: (00-44) (0) 800 320 588, Przez gazety: Brytyjskie: "The Guardian": ; "The Independent": ; "TheTimes": ; "The Daily Telegraph"

Viagra dla eurokraty

unijnych budynków przy Rue de la Science, został już zamknięty po fali ataków brytyjskiej prasy (porównywano go do sklepów za żółtymi firankami w krajach komunistycznych). Wygląda jednak na to, że i bez niego eurokraci nie zginą. W ubiegłym roku "The Guardian" doniósł, że eurokraci otrzymali

Migracja za chlebem niewiele pomoże gospodarce

pogrążone w tarapatach gospodarki Ameryki Łacińskiej, zasila cały region, pisze "The Guardian". Ostatnio tamtejsi migranci coraz częściej wybierają jako kraj docelowy oprócz Stanów Zjednoczonych Hiszpanię, która w ciągu ostatnich sześciu lat przyjęła 2,8 mln imigrantów. Największym światowym

Pokażemy Anglikom, jak się pracuje

. - Chcemy pracować z Polakami po to, żeby "umiędzynarodowić" naszą firmę - wyjaśnia Robin Lewsi, rzecznik prasowy sieci. - Poza tym jestem pod wrażeniem umiejętności i pracowitości pracowników z Polski. Fenomenem polskiego pracownika w Londynie zainteresował się tez dziennik "The Guardian

Tea works

Before even checking your email or launching into a 10-minute rant on how two-day weekends just aren't long enough, you probably made yourself a cup of tea, writes Oliver Hurley in the Guardian . Around 165m cups of tea will be consumed today in the UK, accounting for 40 percent of the country's

10 things your boss hates about you

You think you hate your boss? In the Guardian Mira Katbamna reveals 10 things your boss hates about you. Lateness. Everyone has days when the bus breaks down, the washing machine packs up, or the alarm doesn't go off. The problem is that some people have those days Monday through Friday. Lack of

Coping with migrants

nationally turning a blind eye to the exploitation of young eastern Europeans, prepared to work 12-hour shifts, seven days a week, while living in grossly overcrowded houses, often "tied" to the job, writes Peter Hetherington in "The Guardian". Ministers constantly stress that many of the

Free speech versus civility

priority over the value of protecting the feelings of minorities.Nicholas Watt of the Guardian observed a surprising scene on a recent warm spring afternoon in Kraków. Tourists and young couples ambling through the historic town were stopped in their tracks by a sight reminiscent of the era of martial law

Hindusi wylecieli przez Polaków

zwolnić" - pisze brytyjski dziennik The Guardian, który przykład Gate Gaurmet podaje jako skutek globalizacji. "Pierwszym wnioskiem z tej lekcji jest to, że każdy współczesny pracownik musi nauczyć się być bardziej elastyczny i zaakceptować fakt, że gdzieś na świecie może być ktoś, kto zrobi to