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In recent weeks, the news in the UK has been full of appalling stories of fathers killing their children, writes Zoe Williams in the Guardian. The British organisation Fathers 4 Justice used to take a warped delight in the fact that children were most at risk - not from strangers, not from relatives and certainly not from their fathers - but from the lovers of their mothers, post-divorce. While mothers may, in themselves, be good at looking after children, the argument ran, they were also the gateway to that supreme source of danger: the stepfather.

Soccer With a Dark Side

As the 2006 World Cup games got underway in Germany, tourists and soccer fans find they are mixing with denizens of an international world of crime where human beings are bought and sold for profit, write in the Washington Post Katherine Chon and Derek Ellerman, co-executive directors and co-founders of Polaris Project, a Washington-based agency combating human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

Lekcja 22: Języki obce w pracy

Dziś nikogo nie trzeba przekonywać, że znajomość języków obcych jest jedną z podstawowych umiejętności niezbędnych w pracy. My podpowiadamy jaki język wybrać, jak się go nauczyć i jak udokumentować nasze językowe umiejętności tak, aby zwiększyć swoje szanse na rynku pracy lub zwiększyć swoje zarobki.

Lekcja 21: Jak nie dać się depresji pourlopowej

routine with no prospects for development, then maybe it's high time for you to give it a thought. Maybe it's not a post-vacation stress syndrome after all, but this-specific-job stress syndrome? Remember it's never too late to make changes in your life - all for the better, of course!

Lekcja 8: Assessment Center

If you are invited to a recruitment meeting which takes the form of the Assessment Center, don't panic! This is usually the final stage of the selection of applicants and the very fact of making it there is already a success and a distinction. So, bask for a moment in the well-deserved pride, and

Lekcja 1: Thema: "Auf Arbeitssuche"

? Aber nicht nur der Inhalt, auch die Form des Bewerbungsschreibens ist wichtig: Formulieren Sie klare Aussagen, beachten Sie Höflichkeitsformen, machen Sie keine Tippfehler. Das gilt nicht nur für die Bewerbung per Post, sondern auch für die E-Mail und Online-Bewerbung. Im schriftlichen

Lekcja 21: "Nach dem Urlaub wieder arbeiten"

;hevoll, die ersten Tage ziehen sich wie Kaugummi. Etwa zwei Dritteln der Mitarbeiter hierzulande geht es nach der Rückkehr aus dem Urlaub genau so. Dieser Zustand wird Post-Holiday-Syndrom genannt und dauert in der Regel bis zu drei Tagen, ergab eine Studie des Personaldienstleisters Robert Half

Lekcja 9 : nietypowe metody poszukiwania pracy

We recently wrote about an efficient CV - but nowadays sometimes even an impressive CV is not enough to get the job you want. To succeed in this field, you may have to think and act outside of the box - here are some tips how exactly you can get down to it. To stand out among the crowd of

Lekcja 12: Negocjacje z szefem

time, in which system if you complete a given task, you are free to go home. If your employer has nothing against, it's surely worth to go through the talks to get a more flexible work system. Similarly, if you can perform your work at home, why don't you ask your boss a permission to not come to work

Motherhood, children and work

Anyone who lives a real life in the real world however, knows that most women make choices about working and not working on a non-ideological basis, points out Anne Applebaum in "The Washington Post". Many with children work because they have to -- but some stay home because they have to

10 commandments for "slow" workplace

dealers."A lot is the pressure we put on ourselves,"says Kinman. "In the past you would write a letter, get it typed up, then post it. When you had a reply, a few days later, you would think about it before responding."Now we expect ourselves to be in constant communication with others

How to socialise with the boss

seems, find things to complain about, even if it's only how the chauffeur never properly restocks the onboard cappuccino machine.People, however wealthy and successful, love a good old moan. So bring up other things which take the froth off life's macchiato: delays in the post, for example, or traffic


; covering her blond hair in public. According to Peter Rodgers, an oil man turned headhunter who says his wife Maureen was checked out twice by his employers in case of "political problems", vetting is also widespread for jobs based in the UK. "If the post being offered is at a nuclear

Lesson 4: Is temping tempting?

Temporary workers - or 'temps' make a crucial contribution to most modern economies. In fact, out of nearly 29 million people currently employed in the UK, 1.3 million are temps, registered with employment agencies. In the past, these temporary workers were often thought of as low-paid, low-skilled


That is essentially what goes on at IBM, writes Ken Belson in the International Herald Tribune . Each of the 355,000 workers is entitled to three or more weeks of vacation. The company does not keep track of who takes how much time or when, does not dole out choice vacation times by seniority and

How to stay permanently temporary

But any well-meaning concerns for the latest office temp - who doesn't know anybody's name and who can't work the coffee machine - may be misplaced.Far from being part of some mournful office underclass desperate for a full-time post, a growing number of workers are viewing temping as a career in

A creative revolution

remix. For example, old books or films (before 1923 in the US) where the copyright has expired and is now in the public domain as well as the massive amount of knowledge contained in the Wikipedia, the world's largest user-created encyclopedia, would be a part of this growing pool of global

Office Christmas parties

Christmas is the most front-loaded holiday of the year. Much is made of how early we start shopping and decorating for Christmas, but we also celebrate Christmas early, and repeatedly, in the run-up to the 25th. We attend galas and cocktail receptions and concerts. We celebrate Christmas with

Cover stars

, jobseekers - and even employers. For those entering the office, joining a new team on a short-term contract can be daunting. But there's plenty to be gained from your stint, if you know how to get the most out of it. Graham Bird, director of interim management at UK HR specialists Chiumento, specialises in

How to be organised

Some of you might think that working like this is just, well, working. For the rest of us, life isn't quite so easy. Things get done in the harsh glare of real-life disorganisation, at a desk quivering with piles of - who knows? - on a keyboard sprinkled with crumbs. Diaries languish unfilled

Kiedy Niemcy otworzą rynek pracy?

wybierać spośród ofert blisko 30 wystawców z Niemiec i Polski. Nowych pracowników i praktykantów szukała m. in. Alba, Metro Group, Deutsche Post, Lidl czy koncern paliwowy Total. Warunkiem zdobycia posady była przede wszystkim znajomość języków. - Szukamy ludzi do pracy w Polsce, a więc polski jest

Skróty zadań konkursowych

Biotechnologia II - lek na cukrzycę Prowadzisz badania nad nowym lekiem na cukrzycę typu 2. Zaplanuj doświadczenia na poziomie in vitro oraz in vivo, których celem będzie wytypowanie jednej cząsteczki do dalszych badań. ( Autor zadania: dr Rafał Derlacz, Adamed Sp. z o.o.) Brand Consulting Twoim zadaniem jest