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How to be a night owl and not get fired

How to be a night owl and not get fired

They're called many things - "lazy", "unproductive", "lacking in ambition" - but late risers are starting to fight back. Long the butt of demeaning office jokes, sleepyheads are officially up in arms thanks to a Danish campaign to stop "the tyranny of early risers", writes Rebecca Hardy in the Guardian.

Wellbeing w pracy- czym jest i jak go osiągnąć?

Ciekawa praca, rozwój, poczucie bezpieczeństwa, dobra atmosfera, empatyczny szef - kto z nas nie chciałby pracować w takim miejscu? Tymczasem aż 62% pracowników przyznaje, że zmaga się z ostrym "syndromem niedzielnego popołudnia" (Sunday Night Blues) - sytuacją, w której odczuwa silny stres związany z nadchodzącym poniedziałkiem i pracą

'Shameful' new hate crime in Waterside

FEARS WERE mounting last night of an upsurge in racist 'hate crime' in the Waterside after a second violent attack on the Polish community in less than a month.

Lekcja 20: Urlop

available to the employer - sometimes literally day and night. As many as 90% of employees who took a holiday recently were worried that they would find hundreds of e-mails in their inbox upon their return, which in turn made one-third of respondents check emails while on holiday, often responding to them

Sit back, relax and do nothing

. "Naps are very beneficial," says Professor Jim Horne, author of Sleep Faring - A Journey Through the Science of Sleep, and director of the sleep research centre at Loughborough University. "We are probably meant to have two sleeps a day; a long one at night and a shorter one in the

Uwaga, poniedziałek nadchodzi

Uwaga, poniedziałek nadchodzi

Amerykański portal rekrutacyjny w zeszłym roku zapytał internautów o to, "czy odczuwają tak silny stres bądź przygnębienie w niedzielny wieczór, że myślą o zmianie miejsca pracy". Z odpowiedzi udzielonych przez 3,6 tys. osób wynika, że "sunday night blues

Lesson 49: Tough times for the Modern Man

to this: A modern woman requires her modern man to be: caring and thoughtful, sensitive and polite, in touch with his emotions, helpful around the house and involved with the children to the point of getting up at night! (to change a nappy). He has to be sexy, sensual and metrosexual; he's got to

Polish taxi driver

dla taksówek, przechodzi też ostrzejszą selekcję, nie może być karany i musi perfekcyjnie znać topografię miasta. Przewoźnik niezrzeszony lub firma bez licencji obsługuje mini-cab: odpowiednik znanych nam z większych miast polski przewozów osobowych czy Night Drivers. Od 2003 r. w Anglii nawet

Let it glow, let it glow, let it glow

-law, Bob Wyatt, was one of 11 households in the village who switched on their lights, slowed down the traffic and brought awestruck children out on a vest-piercingly chilly night. Even St Peter's Church joined in with an apt message that seemed witty in the circumstances: JESUS SAID I AM THE LIGHT OF

Lesson 7: NHS tycoons

terms of their new contracts, he is still on call 24/7. But, apparently, he rarely attends emergencies at night and sleeps just as well as before, when he was earning a typical GP salary of L80,000!But the Scottish GP is a pauper in comparison with a L2 million a year dentist from Weymouth. Under new

Taxonomy of Office Creatures

The Night Stalker Behavioral trait: Considers self an ace at office banter; in reality, spreads awkward pauses and inappropriate comments the way Johnny Appleseed spread apples. Like a wolf, his sudden approach toward your cubicle chills the blood. How to eradicate the menace: Starve him with

The shine has come off Supermum

is. As a colleague told me after I returned from maternity leave, yes, there will be days when you have to make big decisions after being up all night - but you have had hangovers before, and lived, and on those days when it does work, being a working mother is the best thing in the world. It's what

How to retire

foregoing the morning commute, it's natural to start missing your old job. If that's the case, why not recreate your office at home? Sneak back to your former employers in the dead of night and have a sift through the company bins - there are bound to be a few unwanted swivel chairs and rusty filing

How to retire

let's hope it doesn't come to that. After the initial excitement of luxuriously hitting the snooze button while foregoing the morning commute, it's natural to start missing your old job. If that's the case, why not recreate your office at home? Sneak back to your former employers in the dead of night

Get into the rhythm of work (part 3)

headaches, fatigue, muscular pains, nausea, viral infections, flu-like symptoms and colds. Realistically, it is probably more tempting to head for the pub after a stressful week, but apparently exercising on a Friday night can help the transition from work to weekend leisure, reducing the risk of weekend

Porozmawiajmy o pracy: amerykański dj w Polsce

za pięć lat? Na pewno tutaj. Nigdzie z Polski się nie ruszę, bo jest mi tu dobrze. Może będę miał show w telewizji? Coś takiego jak Jay Leno Late Night Show, ale będzie bardziej na ostro.

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