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Giętki wyświetlacz UDC

Giętki wyświetlacz UDC

Firma Universal Display Corporation zaprezentowała prototyp elastycznego kolorowego wyświetlacza, opartego na aktywnej matrycy AMOLED (advanced-matrix organic light-emitting diode).

Lesson 58: The richer sex

trying their luck in all types of industries, offering everything form organic baby food to financial advice. Not all the millions, however, come from commercial success; some come from huge divorce settlements. In the past few years there have been several divorce cases that have established women as

Lesson 40: Small business - the secrets of success 4

realized that she could not do everything herself. So she took stock of what she could and could not do. 'What can I do best? - she asked herself. 'I am good at designing. I know how to buy 'fair trade' organic cotton from overseas. But I can't manufacture my clothes and selling is definitely not my

Scots not in Pole position on service

immigrants have so much to offer. Is there any Scottish cuisine worth keeping? I am not talking here about organic salmon pancreas and the highfalutin companion dishes served up on a daily basis throughout Posh Scotland. I mean the ordinary stuff of everyday Scottish consumption. The sooner the national diet

Newest scientific discoveries

huge amounts of garlic can't mask the signature of the volatile organic compounds that you dispel into the air around you. He adds that this finding "may open the possibility that devices such as electronic sensors can be developed to detect individual odourprints in humans". Human