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Testing times ahead for job-hunters

Testing times ahead for job-hunters

How tough was your last interview? Really tough? Did it involve speed-dating, arm wrestling or pop psychology? Andrew Shanahan reports from the wild frontier of recruitment in The Guardian.

Do five simple things a day

Simple activities such as gardening or mending a bicycle can protect mental health and help people lead more fulfilled and productive lives, a panel of scientists has found, writes Mark Henderson in the "Times".

Kompetencje psychologiczne ważniejsze od kwalifikacji

Wśród umiejętności koniecznych do sprawnego funkcjonowania zawodowego nabierają znaczenia kompetencje czysto psychologiczne: dynamizm, samodzielność, zdolności adaptacyjne, otwartość na zmiany.

Psychometric testing

is. Occupational psychology firm Talent Q has launched a series of psychometric test trials in association with some of the UK's universities in order to build a more reliable test. Chief executive Steve O'Dell explains: "What we are trying to build is a dynamic test, where the complexity of the

10 commandments for "slow" workplace

survival. "Slow is very important in psychology in general,"says Dr Gail Kinman, a reader in occupational health psychology at the University of Bedfordshire. "It gives you time for recovery from stress. Slowing down means you have time to let your body and mind get back to the baseline

The nail-biting hysteria has begun

The 32-nation tournament, which kicked off in Germany last week is a winner-takes-all competition where every match is a battle and the delirium of world domination takes a powerful hold on collective psychology, writes Tim Parks in The Wall Street Journal . For one heady month the national team

Tears are no longer taboo

aunties that we should, "have a good cry, it'll make you feel better." We might feel better after a bawl, but the flow of salty tears can be interpreted by onlookers in a variety of ways, says Dr Gail Kinman, a reader in occupational health psychology at the University of Bedfordshire and an

Desk jockeys

of psychology at University College London, is less than convinced. During the second world war, research showed that easy-listening tracks boosted productivity among factory workers. But, reasons Furnham, that doesn't mean it's going to help in offices. "If the task is simple, mechanical and

Why men and women argue differently

But are there any broad differences between the sexes in the way that we argue? The research by Elaine D. Eaker, published in Psychosomatic Medicine , found that more men than women had a tendency to bottle up their feelings during confrontations with their partners. Tim Smith is a psychology

Lesson 65: Make luck work for you

their level of confidence and changes their psychology, so they actually do become luckier - because they're not afraid to seize opportunities that may have once appeared too risky. So go on, be a lucky devil! Act as if you are lucky and you probably will be. Act as if you are unlucky and you almost

What is your motivation?

month's Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology goes even further, suggesting that seemingly covetable benefits, such as annual bonuses, are actually counterproductive. "Although these benefits may appear to be great motivators, paradoxically they are not," says Vansteenkiste

Do you have stars in your eyes?

. Eason stresses that this field isn't for everyone. Her list of useful attributes includes an understanding of psychology, empathy and the ability to help clients develop their unconscious mind. But rewarding as your career might be, you won't be earning pots of cash. While there are some hugely

The joke's on you

There are definitely times when laughter is no laughing matter. And while guffawing at funerals might be a fairly rare occurrence, nearly everyone has had an occasion where they have succumbed to an ill-timed fit of the giggles at work. Professor Richard Wiseman is a specialist in the psychology

Fatalne zauroczenie, czyli romans w pracy

Fatalne zauroczenie, czyli romans w pracy

. Socjologowie twierdzą, że w pracy ma swój początek aż 60 proc. związków! Czasopismo "Psychology Today" pisało nawet o "eksplozji miłości w miejscu pracy" - najczęściej z ową eksplozją mamy do czynienia w branżach, gdzie praca od 8 do 16 nie wchodzi w grę, i w których z kolegami zza biurka