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Experts predict more home-working

Experts predict more home-working

New report says we will be waving goodbye to nine to five in the traditional workplace and talking less about "work-life balance" and more about "work-life integration", reports John Carvel in the Guardian.

Push and shove: ambition in the workplace

Prepared to do anything to get the job you want? Stop sharpening those knives - being over-ambitious can be just as dangerous as drifting aimlessly, reports Mira Katbamna in the Guardian .

Testing times ahead for job-hunters

How tough was your last interview? Really tough? Did it involve speed-dating, arm wrestling or pop psychology? Andrew Shanahan reports from the wild frontier of recruitment in The Guardian.

Lekcja 30: Delegowanie obowiązków

meetings and reports. Keep your finger on the pulse and don't forget that as a supervisor, you are responsible and accountable for your employees and their work. One of the crucial aspects of delegation is coaching. First of all, be patient, since new tasks can be confusing. You should consistently

Lesson 96. Be SMART at work

achieving your goals. SMART is a set of useful criteria for setting your goals. It stands for: Specific Measurable Achievable Results-oriented Time-boundWrite down your goal in a SMART way. Like this, for example: 'I want to learn how to use EXCEL because I want to be able to produce spreadsheet reports for

Lekcja 16: Praca w Hiszpanii

broadcast many reports showing it as a land of milk and honey, inhabited by as smiling, hard-working and resourceful people. Even if it is perhaps a slightly upbeat vision, it's worth to use the opportunities it laid open. Spanish employers are more and more often looking for Polish employees, with a good

Lesson 18: Poles take students' summer jobs

According to reports, new migrants take British students' summer jobs. Thousands of students cannot find work during the summer holidays because East European immigrants have moved into the low-paid casual jobs they used to do, such as serving behind bars, helping in offices and picking fruit. One

Lesson 23: Poles claim UK child benefit

According to reports, tens of thousands of Eastern European migrants living in Britain are exploiting a loophole in the law to claim UK child benefit for children they have left behind. More than 50,000 Poles have applied for the handouts so far this year. In Britain, parents have an automatic

Lesson 98. KISS at work

facts right. It's no good saying: 'I want what's his name to produce reports you know which ones for the AGM in a month no, in two months' time'. Try this: 'I would like Anna Jones to produce spreadsheet reports by the end of this month so they could be presented at the AGM next month'. And don't forget

Lesson 97. SMILE at work

unreasonable boss. You can do nothing and remain unhappy about it. Or you try to bond with him. Or explain to him, using specific examples why asking you to produce 4 long reports in one day may be perceived as slightly difficult.MOTIVATE yourself. Remind yourself constantly of what motivates your job

Lesson 66: Are immigrant workers exploited in the UK?

According to recent reports, some employers in the UK do not pay immigrant workers the statutory minimum wage. There are three levels of minimum wage in the UK. Workers who are over 22 must receive over L5 an hour, those between 18 and 21 over L4 an hour, and those under 18 over L3 an

Positive deviants

? Yes, we know the sort you're talking about. The strange guy in the corner who fiddles around all day with a computer program that nobody else understands. And the funny woman in that office at the end of the corridor who churns out reports that nobody reads. Can anyone explain the point of them?But

Expressing anger in the workplace

Week (Hodder and Stoughton) reckons that we could do with getting angry a bit more often. - It is OK to get cross at work. If your colleague has repeatedly failed to pass on a message, or is continually late with reports - the sorts of things that are more than just irritations - then getting angry can

The rise of the new nomadics

Triple Shot," says Alexandra Heminsley, author of Ex and the City. Having discovered she was more productive working in public, Heminsley now has an intimate knowledge of all the wireless spots and decent coffee shops in her area. According to reports, there are now 2.4m teleworkers in the UK, up

How to deal with truants from the workplace

are taking advantage of duvet days, many of which in the past would have been taken as sick days," reports Shanahan. So much for the carrots: the stick is that the numbers of DVLA staff sacked for poor attendance will be publicised; last year it was 42. Słowniktruants from the workplace

Positive contribution of migrants

, those from eastern Europe earn noticeably less. Housing East Midlands and Scotland have reported an emerging homeless problem among migrant Poles, with many living in poor quality housing due to unscrupulous landlords. There were reports of pressure on affordable private housing and rent levels in half

10 things your boss hates about you

large educational charity reports that if there's one thing worse than lack of initiative, it's, completely ignoring instructions, to go off and do something else instead. Bitching and whining. Bitching is bad, but whining is worse. "What really annoys me is when we buy new equipment or take

Lesson 21: Positive deviants

Can you see that oddball in your office, the one who does things in his own unique way? The weird guy in the corner who fiddles around all day with a computer programme that nobody understands? Or a funny woman who churns out reports that nobody reads? Nutters! - you might think. But, wait a minute

Web Fuels Plagiarism

catch cheaters, teachers are changing their lesson plans. The number of term papers assigned over the years has decreased significantly. Instead, teachers are assigning more in-class written exams, oral reports with visual aids and PowerPoint presentations. Some educators worry that kids are missing an

Web turns photographer into a global freelance

artists, like musicians,' said Rebekka Guoleifsdottir speaking to David Smith of the Observer. 'It's so much easier to get your stuff out there. Iceland is a small community of 300,000 people and it's hard to get recognized, but this way you can reach out everywhere. Flickr reports her photos have

ERP Systems Consultant - doradca ds. systemów wspomagania zarządzania przedsiębiorstwem

przygotowanie techniczne w zakresie administrowania, analizy lub projektowania systemów informatycznych. Praktyczne doświadczenie programistyczne i umiejętność prowadzenia projektów informatycznych (zwłaszcza znajomość narzędzi do zarządzania projektami, np. oprogramowanie Ms Project, czy Crystal Reports