Elastyczny system czasu pracy

Elastyczny system czasu pracy

(flexible job time schedule)

Lekcja 8: Assessment Center

Jeśli zostaniesz zaproszony na spotkanie rekrutacyjne mające formę Assessment Center, nie panikuj! To zwykle ostatni etap selekcji kandydatów i samo dojście do niego to już sukces i wyróżnienie. A więc, pozwól sobie na chwilę dobrze zasłużonej dumy, a potem zapoznaj się z opisem tej metody przedstawionym poniżej

Lekcja 15: Polscy w Wielkiej Brytanii

W ostatnim dziesięcioleciu liczba Polaków w Wielkiej Brytanii wzrosła o ponad dziesięć razy. Coraz częściej polscy imigranci zajmują stanowiska kierownicze, prowadzą działalności naukową i gospodarczej. Zdaniem ekspertów, brytyjska gospodarka byłaby bez nas znacznie słabsza. Może warto więc spróbować szczęścia w brytyjskim Eldorado?

Lekcja 12: Negocjacje z szefem

, or even a paid holiday can be worth as much as a pay rise. To decide if it is, you should sit down and recalculate if you can put the incentives offered by the employer to a good use. Another field that may be subject to negotiations, is your work schedule. Some companies allow task-oriented work

Lesson 84. More power of sales

-promise rather than over-promise. In the long term, bringing pleasant surprises beats being the constant bearer of ill tidings. Try this for a personal credo: The best salespeople are ahead of schedule! Wysłuchaj lekcji Rozwiąż ćwiczenie do lekcji Przeczytaj przegląd prasy brytyjskiej w oryginale Słownik

Breaking the e-mail compulsion (part 2)

on documents. Blogs are better for publishing information and having informal conversations. Send fewer emails. Do you need to hit "reply to all"? Schedule your email. Set aside time each day to deal with your inbox and ignore it for the rest of the day. Most people check first thing in the

Get into the rhythm of work (part 3)

but, on the contrary, business psychologist Alastair Hamill from Agrippa Training says this could be used for tactical advantage. "You could schedule a meeting for Friday afternoon and you are pretty certain to get a decision because people don't want to linger." He also suggests it's a good

How to be a night owl and not get fired

which paints a bleak picture for an owl struggling in a nine-to-five job. So, if you are one, here is what you should do: Choose the right profession: owls flock to journalism, the arts, entertainment and hospitality - anything where you can control your schedule or work at night. Avoid lark careers

Breaking the email compulsion (part one)

also at work in email users. "Both slot machines and email follow something called a 'variable interval reinforcement schedule'," he says, "which has been established as the way to train in the strongest habits. This means that rather than reward an action every time it is performed, you

Sit back, relax and do nothing

to do something that completely clears stressful thoughts from your mind. And does not put new ones in there (like why you always have to do all the cleaning in this house, or why the laundry mountain never decreases). Schedule in a time to trudge through the chores to keep them separate from your