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How to look for a new job while still at your old job

How to look for a new job while still at your old job

Sneaking off for a job interview? Alice Wignall tells you in the Guardian how to fool the office gossips.

Spreading office gossip

In every office there is one figure of hate. Well maybe hate is a bit strong - a figure of mild dislike is more like it, but that's less of a catchy phrase. It might be the boss who looks down all the women's tops. Or the person who comes in to work, sighs heavily and proceeds to whinge in a morale-sapping, soul-destroying fashion until she reduces what might have been good moods in others to grey mush. More likely it is some far from malicious individual who has the misfortune to sound like, say, Ernie from Sesame Street, writes Ravi Somaiya in the Guardian.

When is the time for a serious talk about Santa

Christmas is a divisive season. The vast majority may celebrate this annual feast day, but we are fundamentally split over the man who shares his very surname with the great festival. The number of those who do not believe in him is on the increase, writes Damian Whitworth in the Times.

Lesson 37: Small business - the secrets of success

Starting your own business can be daunting. So how can you avoid the most common pitfalls? Over the next few weeks we will reveal the vital secrets of entrepreneurial success. Here's secret number 1: Make sure your business can be scaled up. Scale it up Finding a good business

Lesson 39: Small business - the secrets of success 3

Starting your own business can be difficult, so learning from successful entrepreneurs is a good way of avoiding the most common pitfalls. Last week we talked about the importance of scaling up your business, this week we reveal another secret of success: the ability to delegate

Serious illness - should you tell them at work?

sharing that kind of personal information with them. Richard M Cohen, the author of Strong at the Broken Places: Voices of Illness, a Chorus of Hope (Harper), which recounts the stories of five people living with chronic illness, kept his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis secret from his colleagues in the

Surviving the social minefield at work

Indeed anyone new is often slightly overwhelmed by trying to find out who the chief is, and how he or she can ingratiate themselves with the witch-doctor. You forget when you've been working somewhere a while that there are secret places, phrases, in-jokes and taboos that took you a while to learn

Zatrudnię bodyguarda na Euro 2012

Zatrudnię bodyguarda na Euro 2012

ubierania się) - mówi specjalista od ochrony osobistej. W European Security Academy przeprowadzają je doświadczeni specjaliści, którzy pracowali w służbach specjalnych takich jak między innym elitarny rosyjski oddział antyterrorystyczny Vityaz czy amerykański Secret Service. Instruktorami są również Polacy

Pregnancy at work

out for outright joy." Telling all your colleagues at the same time is the best strategy to minimise bad feeling if word leaks out. "The news of your pregnancy will be hot office gossip," says Carswell, "so don't mention it to any of your colleagues if you want to keep it a secret

Lesson 65: Make luck work for you

own success. In business, there is always an element of chance and therefore there is always an element of luck. So if there is all this luck out there, how can you make it work for you? The secret is to be ready for it when it appears. Luck presents itself as an unexpected opportunity - it rarely

A bleak holiday resort

said. Observers said that tourists from the rest of Russia were unlikely to travel to the island, a once top-secret military base. It would take visitors at least a week to reach Vladivostok from Moscow on the Trans-Siberian railway. So far, Russia has no budget flights and the nine-hour journey by

Fed up with your boss?

the day-to-day grind and an opportunity to vent for those being told to make coffee. Anxious to keep her identity secret, Kate, who says her boss "doesn't have a clue about the site and hopefully never will," proves an elusive and reluctant interviewee. Her caution is perhaps understandable

Blokowane blogowanie

zdeklarowana pacyfistka w swoim dzienniku nie szczędziła ona krytyki ubiegającemu się o reelekcję prezydentowi Bushowi. Pewnego dnia, przed dziesiątą wieczór do jej drzwi zapukali funkcjonariusze brytyjskiego Secret Service. Zawiadomieni przez swych amerykańskich kolegów agenci postanowili dokładnie przebadać

Jak zostać pracownikiem służb specjalnych

secret service, służba w Agencji Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego, policji, straży granicznej jest służbą specjalną. Specjalna, bo może używać specjalnych technik operacyjnych. Tajna służba zarezerwowana jest tylko dla służby wywiadowczej.