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Lekcja 6: Headhunting

Lekcja 6: Headhunting

Head hunting, a term that you have probably happened to hear before, is a form of direct recruitment

Web Fuels Plagiarism

School term papers may be going the way of the typewriters once used to write them. It's so easy to cheat and steal from the Internet that professors don't even assign papers anymore. They got tired of checking for cheaters, writes Terril Yue Jones in "The Times."

How to stay permanently temporary

Can temping ever be a decent long-term career? Don't discount it, says Virginia Matthews in the Guardian.The stereotypical temp is underpaid and overworked; an anonymous drudge who dreams of monthly salary cheques as he or she attacks a mountain of long-overdue filing.


-desking - pracowanie przy dowolnym biurku short-term contracting - podpisywanie krótkoterminowych kontraktów na pracę video-conferencing with the lunar colony - prowadzenie telekonferencji z kolonią księżycową nifty with an inkwell and quill pen - zręcznie posługujący się gęsim piórem i kałamarzem I can

Odroczony bonus, czyli Opcja na kajdany?

Chodzi o te części wynagrodzenia, które zamienią się w pieniądze w przyszłości, czasem po roku, a zwykle za parę lat. Obecnie LTI najpopularniejsze są w USA - stanowią składnik wynagrodzenia każdego menedżera. Otrzymuje je także trzech z czterech kierowników średniego szczebla i co trzeci specjalist

Scots not in Pole position on service

Not everyone will complete the process. Many will move on or go home. This is a shame because I would prefer if all of them stayed and took part in the total eradication of all the worst parts of being Scottish. This would apply in particular to our service industries, where the prevailing Scottish

Lesson 31: Seven pillars of business wisdom. Rule no.7: Admire me for my soul

OLD RULE: Admire me for my might NEW RULE: Admire me for my soul The old notion that it's OK to be greedy as long as it's 'long term greedy' does not find too many followers nowadays. The role of the corporation is not only to make money; it is also to seek legitimisation in society. So, what does

Lekcja 27: Elastyczne formy zatrudnienia

employment, it is worth to know the term flexicurity, which derives from a combination of flexibility and job security, including the number of employees, as it allows to adjust the number of employees to the actual production and demand, time, as it makes it possible to adjust working hours, functions, in

Lekcja 14: Szkolenia i rozwój pracowników

will be more productive, but they are likely to be more satisfied with their job, especially if they had a chance to make their long-term career goals more real.

Lesson 17: Workaholics

. Ultimately, you may fall victim of karoshi - death-by-overwork. Do you really want that?So, how can you help yourself? Recognize your condition. Right, so you are a workaholic. What do you do? Reexamine your long term goals: imagine yourself on a deathbed - is that how you really wanted to spend your life

Lekcja 17: Coaching i mentoring

. Both are aimed at professional development and continuing support in the career path. However, coaching is mainly focused on current issues, while mentoring is a long process, focused on career planning and development in the long term.

Lekcja 16: Praca w Hiszpanii

losses, which trend was observed throughout the past year. The crisis also created serious problems for the labour market, resulting in high youth and long-term unemployment, very low-level education, poorly oriented towards employment, helped by a high level of temporary jobs. However, the Bank of Spain

Cover stars

, jobseekers - and even employers. For those entering the office, joining a new team on a short-term contract can be daunting. But there's plenty to be gained from your stint, if you know how to get the most out of it. Graham Bird, director of interim management at UK HR specialists Chiumento, specialises in

Lesson 87. Anyone can be rich (apparently )

their socks off! The only thing that can hold you back is you.So, do you have what it takes to be wealthy? Are you determined enough? Will you work hard enough? Are you prepared to make sacrifices, forego instant rewards and settle for long-term benefits? Do you have stamina? Guts? Focus and drive? If

Lesson 4: Is temping tempting?

reasons such as increased flexibility or better pay or to gain valuable work experience. And they are certainly not all low-skilled - nearly a third of all temporary workers have a university degree or a post graduate qualification. Indeed, temping is increasingly being seen as a viable long-term career

Lesson 33: 4 stages of your career. Stage 1: The Eager Beaver

want in return for your efforts? You want good pay and good career prospects. And what does your employer want? He wants loyalty and long-term commitment. He does not want to invest in you just for a month or a year; he wants to have a big return. So, if you beaver away at your chores and show loyalty

Lekcja 6: Headhunting

Headhunting, a term that you have probably happened to hear before, is a form of direct recruitment. It involves the search of candidates who meet the specified criteria. But how to put yourself in a position making you readily available for recruiters? The following brief "head-hunting manual

The rise of the new nomadics

are increasingly sprinkled with computers, business-speak and spiralling caffeine habits. Meanwhile, the really successful are being referred to as the "kinetic elite", a term coined by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas for high-net-worth individuals who work out of hotel lobbies, airport

How to deal with truants from the workplace

of 30 days' paid leave plus statutory holidays.Though absenteeism through sickness has sat at the top of the DVLA's agenda ever since its foundation, only in the last seven years was a long-term strategy to address it set in motion by a new chief executive, Clive Bennett. He began by bringing in the

Migrant population 'up ten-fold'

The number of migrant workers in Lincolnshire has increased ten-fold in two years, according to new figures. A survey has indicated over 56% of the 70,000 workers - who now make up to 10% of the county's population - wanted to stay long-term in Britain. South Holland District Council, which was

Lesson 84. More power of sales

-promise rather than over-promise. In the long term, bringing pleasant surprises beats being the constant bearer of ill tidings.Try this for a personal credo: The best salespeople are ahead of schedule!Wysłuchaj lekcjiRozwiąż ćwiczenie do lekcjiPrzeczytaj przegląd prasy brytyjskiej w oryginaleSłownikpower

Lesson 68: Extreme workers

tired to say anything to their partners. But it's a bad situation for employers as well as employees. In the long term people burn out and their productivity drops. As a result companies lose gifted experienced people and put off other talented individuals who do not want to sacrifice their lives to

Lesson 32: Seven pillars of business wisdom. Rule no.8: Office Politics

Office politics is a slang term for the actions and intrigues among colleagues, whose aim is to gain advantage or get promotion and move up the career ladder. Office politics often leads to rivalry and dislike of other colleagues. According to an online poll of 2,000 adults conducted in the UK

Invisible cloak a reality?

feasible in the medium term," he said. A cloaking device that makes objects invisible to the eye is a tougher prospect. Radar waves are about 3cm long and to cloak objects from them, metamaterials need to be designed with features a few millimetres across. Visible light waves are far shorter - less

Cała sala na wagarach

A tematem zająłem się po tajemniczym mailu: "Szkolenie... laptop w prezencie". Wakacje Anonimowy prowadzący szkolenia: - Nie mogę już patrzeć na te ich pięciodniowe wakacje w Zakopanem, Juracie, Sopocie czy Wiśle. Do Zakopanego część grupy przyjeżdża tylko, żeby jeździć do term w

Coffee and work

equivalent of around 80 cups of coffee. But for the tired, worn-out worker, caffeine can help get you through the most boring of meetings: with its short-term stimulant effect on the brain, it increases the capacity for physical and mental labour. The only problem comes when the stimulant wears off and

Social networking sites are a waste of time

invention. People, once with a bicycle and now with online lonely hearts ads can look further afield for sex, and in the long term this will probably be a boon to genetic diversity. But cyberspace hasn't changed our natures, any more than transport did. Meaningful communities are still small in scale, built

How to decorate your desk

stolen moment gazing at Brad Pitt? There's just one problem: do you really want your boss, passing clients and your least favourite person in the office to know that you dream about Scarlett Johansson? Or Mr T? Scary stuff. Taking refuge in real people might not work either. Long-term partners don't

Psychometric testing

employee long-term potential. An increasing number of graduate employers in the UK use them. The UK's civil service has used them for years to assess suitability. Companies such as Mothercare use them for their graduate schemes and Lloyds TSB bank uses a sophisticated numerical reasoning test to sift

10 commandments for "slow" workplace

. "If you don't, there is more wear and tear on your cardiovascular system. And eventually, not taking time to do this will have a negative effect on your immune system. Your long-term health may be at risk and you're more likely to burn out early. We see this in football managers and stock exchange

Friends in high places

under threat, this could be an extra worry. After all, so much time is now spent at the office that lots of us now term coworkers as close friends, and a large number of people meet their future partners at work. Słowniczek: best mates - najlepsi kumple bosom buddies with your manager? - jesteście z

Why Hemingway Is Chick-Lit

defined as what women read, the term would have to include most novels, including those considered macho territory. A 2000 survey found that women comprised a greater percentage of readers than men across all genres: Espionage/thriller (69 percent); General (88 percent); Mystery/Detective (86 percent

Jak oczarować pracodawcę

Kilka lat temu do krakowskiej siedziby Termo Organiki przybyło kilkudziesięciu kandydatów. Każdy marzył, o posadzie dyrektora zakładu. Jednak wszyscy schematycznie odpowiadali na pytania na rozmowie kwalifikacyjnej, a kadrowcy szukali kogoś wyjątkowego Wówczas pod firmę podjechał Marcin Gałęzki