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V Forum Rozwoju Mazowsza Grow Up Start Up za nami

V Forum Rozwoju Mazowsza Grow Up Start Up za nami

W trakcie tegorocznego spotkania przeprowadzono 24 sesje tematyczne, na dwóch scenach głos zabrało łącznie 62 prelegentów. Przydział środków unijnych z puli 2014-2020, wsparcie start-upów, finansowanie projektów innowacyjnych i B+R, współpracy przedsiębiorców z naukowcami, czy wparcie tworzenia klastrów to tylko wybrane z omawianych tematów. Nie zabrakło prezentacji dostępnych jeszcze środków na założenie działalności gospodarczej. Dwa dni wydarzenia przyciągnęło ponad 4900 uczestników, w tym 1300 bezpośrednio na Stadion Narodowy. Dodatkowe 3600 osób śledziło transmisję on-line, prowadzona z obu scen Forum.

Fed up with your boss?

"Scum" - the PA to an advertising executive - is a secretary with a score to settle. "My boss is number two in command [at the agency] and he is absolutely clueless," she declares in a posting on a recently launched website on which PAs can anonymously dish the dirt on their employers. "He often asks me my opinion - and that opinion usually ends up being his official line. I'm fed up with people in this building stealing my ideas and passing them off as their own." She adds: "Nobody in my company seems to do any work. They all sit around reading magazines, go out for long lunches and sit in rooms brainstorming."

Speak up loud and proud

spiders) for which we seek help from therapists.It's not just lowlier staff members who have a dislike of standing up in public. Managers, executives and business gurus also frequently suffer from a fear of public speaking - serial entrepreneur Richard Branson is notorious for his dislike of the

Migrant population 'up ten-fold'

The number of migrant workers in Lincolnshire has increased ten-fold in two years, according to new figures. A survey has indicated over 56% of the 70,000 workers - who now make up to 10% of the county's population - wanted to stay long-term in Britain. South Holland District Council, which was

SLD, UP i związki zawodowe naciskają na rząd. Większa płaca minimalna?

wyższej płacy minimalnej, by nie zwiększać kosztów pracy. Zdaniem przedsiębiorców grozi to zwolnieniami i wzrostem bezrobocia. Związkowców wsparła UP, która trzy miesiące temu złożyła w Sejmie projekt uchwały wzywającej rząd do przygotowania nowych zasad ustalania wysokości płacy minimalnej, tak by

Colour me happy

redesigned, agrees. "The introduction of colour, and that people were given a choice, has made ameasurable difference," she says. "They have a sense of ownership and take care of the space better. But it also affects your mood - when I look up, I am staring at something designed to be calming

Jealousy in the workplace not always a negative thing

Which might mean we're not such lovely people - but in the workplace, jealousy might not be such a bad thing: keeping an envious eye on your coworkers could help you earn a higher salary and a faster route up the career ladder. While most managers would prefer to keep negative emotions out of the

Tears are no longer taboo

expert on the subject. Tears can be infectious, she explains. "In the UK, this was seen at the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1997. There, we saw a phenomenon known as emotional contagion. You pick up other people's emotions in the same way you would pick up a cold. Since then, it has

Let it glow, let it glow, let it glow

counting the Santas and gave up when I got to 23. Michael has no idea how many installations there are, he just knows it's a three-week job putting them up and that the last few days have been very cold indeed. They are jolly lights that make you smile and remind you of the excitement you felt about

Useless inventions - part 2

Figone a couple from Belmont, California, created a face-tube device to enable purchasers to "Yell or scream without disturbing others, allowing them to vent built-up anger and frustration." In this fiendishly basic design, the interior of the flat-bottomed muffler tube is coated with sound

A no-holds barred office brawl could be a very good thing

Why don't people in offices have more fights? I don't mean the interminable biscuit wars where desk one won't share their jam tarts with desk two for reasons that are lost in the mists of time and understanding. I mean honest-to-goodness, stand-up blazing rows. You fight with your family, your

The Gap Year - a must for any self-respecting student

at university as a result. But experts urge young people to plan their trips carefully and be aware of the pitfalls before they embark on the journey of a lifetime. Gap years are now big business with students spending an average L4,800. Dozens of firms have sprung up to get their slice of the money

How to be a night owl and not get fired

like engineering, banking, medicine and the law. Ask your employer for later shifts: point out the benefits to them. Modify your circadian rhythm: go to bed and get up at the same time. Make sure you get bright-light exposure in the morning Eat at regular times, and avoid eating late at night: it's

W świecie bezpiecznych przeglądarek

metod certyfikowania witryn. Twórcy przeglądarek, podczas konferencji w Toronto, zgodzili się także, iż okna pop-up nie mogą być dłużej wyświetlane bez paska adresu ani stanu. IE 7 ma być, wedle zapowiedzi Microsoftu, wyposażony w tę funkcjonalność, podobnie jak wyświetlać ikonkę kłódki w pasku adresu

10 things your boss hates about you

You think you hate your boss? In the Guardian Mira Katbamna reveals 10 things your boss hates about you. Lateness. Everyone has days when the bus breaks down, the washing machine packs up, or the alarm doesn't go off. The problem is that some people have those days Monday through Friday. Lack of

Virtual workplace and teamwork

A study by Cisco Systems shows that virtual teams can take up to fourtimes as long to build trust than face-to-face teams. If you throwdifferent cultures into the mix, it can take those virtual teams up to 17 weeks before they bond and perform as well as a team based in one location. The study

What would work be like if women had their way? (part 1)

GEMMA BLACKBURN 31 PRESS OFFICER, DEPARTMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN KABUL, AFGHANISTAN What I want from a job is unlimited adventure, but also security. Weirdly, that's what I've got at the moment, because, basically, I'm a civil servant - but in a warzone. By adventure, I don't just mean

Scots not in Pole position on service

immigrants have so much to offer. Is there any Scottish cuisine worth keeping? I am not talking here about organic salmon pancreas and the highfalutin companion dishes served up on a daily basis throughout Posh Scotland. I mean the ordinary stuff of everyday Scottish consumption. The sooner the national diet

Tom and John are talking about going to a party

1.be by himself2.up to 3.Cut it out 4.come up 5.ex-wife 6.bizarre7.moody8.promotion9.fed up 10.blighted11.framed12.embezzlement13.Pull yourself together 14.criminal record

Forum inspiracji Modern Employer | Accelerating people to the extraordinary!

Forum inspiracji Modern Employer | Accelerating people to the extraordinary!

Modern Employer to doskonała okazja dla decydentów w obszarach zarządzania i HR do zapoznania się z najnowszymi trendami w dziedzinie budowania zaangażowania, nowych technologii i adaptacji kultury start-up’ów – tak aby tworzyć innowacyjność i napędzać wzrosty. Zaprezentujemy

Useless inventions - part 1

Today's consumer society has become astonishingly adept at inventing pointless, hopeless, resource-sucking gizmos, but let's not pretend we have a monopoly on this. Since the Victorian era, some of humankind's most creative brains have kept themselves busy creating answers for needs that didn't exis

Lesson 48: Emotional Intelligence

EXERCISE I 1T, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T, 6T EXERCISE II 1.Pick up 2.Get off 3.Keep out 4.Mess up 5.Thrust upon EXERCISE III 1.Upping 2.Impart 3.Spat 4.Brunt of 5.Detached 6.Acknowledge 7.Attuned 8.Derail 9.Messed up 10.Innate

Lesson 20: Assertiveness at work

EXERCISE I 1. seeking to gain / response 2. red herrings 3. put-downs / embarrassment 4. comprises 5. back up 6. allocate EXERCISE II 1F, 2T, 3T, 4F, 5T, 6F EXERCISE III 1 on, 2 up, 3 up. 4 on, 5 on, 6 into, 7 in

Lesson 26: What are employers looking for

EXERCISE I 1 F 2F 3T 4T 5F 6F EXERCISE II 1 down 2 up 3 out 4 on / in 5 by EXERCISE III Integrity Political leanings Validity weed out turned down match up

[04.11.2014] V Forum rozwoju Mazowsza

. Tym razem zdecydowaliśmy się zaprosić do współpracy partnerów wspierających młodych w biznesie. Chcemy wykorzystać potencjał inicjatywy Grow Up StartUp, skorzystać z ich doświadczenia oraz ogromnej sieci kontaktów. To z pewnością wzbogaci nasz event i wiele początkujących dopiero firm, będzie chciało

Lesson 52: Returning to work after maternity leave

EXERCISE I 1a, 2b, 3c, 4a, 5c, 6a EXERCISE II 1T, 2F, 3F, 4T, 5T EXERCISE III 1)anticipate 2)eligibility 3)assess 4)phase into 5)accounts for 6)make up for 7)tackling 8)attempting 9)given up 10)nuts and bolts

Lesson 39: Non Verbal Communication

EXERCISE I 1F, 2F, 3T, 4T, 5T, 6T EXERCISE II the impression make up failed struck against waves refrained from frowned insulted EXERCISE III listen to make up in contrast looking for based on good at pay attention to refrain from

Lekcja 39: Nowy Rok

With 2015 quickly approaching there comes, yet again, the time to draw up your list of New Year's resolutions. Chances are they will relate to making your habits healthier and be a better person in general, but what about goals to pursue in order to enhance your career? Generally speaking, try to

Lesson 15: Work Permit

EXERCISE I 1. Issuing 2. Entitlement 3. Apply 4. Transferred 5. taken up 6. comply with 7. undertake 8. charge 9. apply 10. Holders EXERCISE II 1. With 2. For 3. Up 4. to 5. for 6. for EXERCISE III 1. F 2. F 3. T 4. T 5. F 6. F

Lesson 21: Smart Socializing for Business Success

EXERCISE I 1F, 2F, 3T, 4F, 5T, 6T EXERCISE II Gathering Pitch Follow-up networking rapport foist pushy EXERCISE III 1c, 2a, 3b, 4b

Lesson 18: Business Agenda

EXERCISE I 1F, 2T, 3T, 4F, 5F, 6F EXERCISE II 1a, 2b, 3c, 4c EXERCISE III 1. over 2. up 3. to 4. out 5. floor 6. vote

Finding a new job

1.at ease 2.in terms of 3.slim down 4.searching5.dotted6. personnel 7.trustworthy8.stand a good chance of 9.turned down 10.live up to 11.background12.credentials

American Millionaire

1.surged up 2.slim3.destined4.overnight5.self- made 6.day-dreaming7.ups and downs8.lure9.budding10.Destiny11.epitomy12.paved 13.As a last resort 14.affluence15.come true 16.Basically

Tom's car

1.reassuring 2.serviced 3.drew up 4.scrap 5.garage 6.fractured 7.wrenched 8.bumper 9.superficial 10.indicator 11.stationary 12.bumped 13.banger 14.rashly

Lesson 50: Resume booster

EXERCISE I 1F, 2T, 3F, 4T, 5T, 6F EXERCISE II 1.Boosted 2.Implemented 3.Tweaking 4.Overhaul 5.Adjust 6.Bottom line 7.Sat up and took notice 8.Decreased

LESSON 38: Negotioation

EXERCISE I 1c, 2e, 3d, 4f, 5b, 6a, 7g EXERCISE II 1. Affected 2. Concessions 3. Come off it 4. exhibited 5. concede 6. muttered 7. in disgust 8. device 9. genuine 10. appeal 11. significantly 12. cheer her up 13. The bottom line 14. gave it away 15. countered 16. leafing through

Polacy chcą pracować zdalnie. Bo szybciej, taniej i bez stania w korkach

pracy zdalnej zbadał amerykański Start-up Crossover, który skupia specjalistów z branży IT i oferuje im możliwość pracy zdalnej z dowolnego miejsca na ziemi dla światowych firm z listy Fortune 1000. Wolność decydowania Jak wynika z badania „Praca zdalna – Jestem na TAK!”, aż 81 proc

Lesson 55: career change

EXERCISE I 1c, 2a, 3b, 4a, 5a, 6b EXERCISE II 1.downsize 2.applicable 3.picking up the tab 4.temp 5.overwhelming 6.rough patch 7.take advantage 8.overlooked 9.setback 10.springboard

Mary Brown is talking to Doctor Johnson about her illness.

1.feel shivery 2.going on 3.came on 4.virus infection 5.picked up 6.run down 7.runny nose 8.influenza epidemic 9.patient 10.sick leave 11.indoors 12.tonsils 13.make light of

Lesson 13: How to plan your business trip

EXERCISE I 1. quoted 2. pitfalls 3. fares 4. biggie 5. approached 6. signed up 7. charged EXERCISE II 1d, 2c, 3e, 4b, 5a, 6f EXERCISE III 1F, 2T, 3T, 4F, 5F

Lesson 11: Five Great Ways To Get a Loan

EXERCISE I 1. F 2. F 3. T 4. T 5. F 6. F EXERCISE II 1f, 2b, 3d, 4g, 5e, 6c, 7a, EXERCISE III 1 down 2 up 3 on 4 within 5 on 6 of

Lesson 56: business trip

EXERCISE I 1-c 2-d 3-b 4-a 5-e EXERCISE II 1T, 2T, 3F, 4T, 5F EXERCISE III 1.secure 2.cost-effective 3.determined 4.objectives 5.conducting 6.arising 7.destination 8.follow up 9.itinerary 10. accomplished

Lesson 47: Restrictive Covenants

EXERCISE I 1F, 2F, 3T, 4T, 5T, 6F EXERCISE II 1.out 2.on / / by 3.out 4.upon EXERCISE III 1.Insert 2.Sought 3.Wording 4.Bound 5.Poaches 6.Circumstances 7.Detrimental 8.Run the risk 9.Set out 10.Signed up

Lesson 44: Salary Negotiation Mistakes

EXERCISE I 1B, 2B, 3B, 4C, 5B, 6C EXERCISE II 1.Stringing along 2.pit against 3.start out 4.bring up 5.points out 6.turned off EXERCISE III 1.Broach, 2.Blunder, 3.Pursuing, 4.Boost, 5.determined, 6.tailored

Lesson 42: Golden Rules for Goal Setting

EXERCISE I 1F 2F 3F 4T 5T 6F EXERCISE II 1.Set goals 2.Put in 3.Align 4.Objectives 5.Tangible 6.Sidetracked 7.Ultimate 8.stick with 9.means to an end EXERCISE III 1.up 2.in 3.for 4.with 5.on

Lesson 40: How To Be Dept-Free

EXERCISE I 1F, 2F, 3T, 4T, 5F, 6F EXERCISE II 1.Mindset 2.Critical 3.Determined 4.Extra 5.Downsize 6.Mortgage 7.dug deeper 8.decreased EXERCISE III 1d, 2a, 3c, 4b 1.cut back on 2.get out of 3.charged . For 4.made up my mind

Lesson 14: Business Presentation

EXERCISE I 1E, 2C, 3A, 4D, 5G, 6B, 7F EXERCISE II 1. run out 2. find 3. move on to 4. sum up 5. purpose 6. finish off EXERCISE III 1. look at 2. brief 3. act as 4. talk about 5. points of view 6. finally 7. questions 8. go along 9. hear

Od biznesplanu do własnej firmy - Krakow Business Starter

uczestników, wybranych przez organizatora w drodze konkursu. Potrwa on sześć miesięcy, a jego uczestnicy będą mogli: - założyć w ramach osobowości prawnej AIP Kraków własny start-up, - otrzymać obsługę księgową oraz prawną, - uzyskać dostęp do wszystkich biur i sprzętu AIP Kraków - m.in. do przestrzeni

Lekcja 35: Komunikacja wewnętrzna w firmie

the key factors are taken into account. Those include appropriate planning and appropriate communication channel, ongoing monitoring of the implementation of the tasks assigned, organisation of proper training, timely notifications and relevant and up-to-date feedback. Remember that depending on the

Lesson 38: Small business - the secrets of success 2

Last week we talked about the importance of scaling up your business. Scalability means that your business can be expanded, potentially without limit. In practice it means that your business does not rely solely on you - because there is a limit to what one person can do - but it relies

Goodbye city life

a teacher.Venables is one of thousands of City professionals who are taking up other careers because of the destruction wrought by the credit crunch. The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) has warned that 62,000 financial jobs will be axed in London this year and next. City recruiters

Lekcja 5: List motywacyjny po angielsku

Although drawing up a cover letter may be time-consuming, it is worth doing. If your CV gets through the selection, the ultimate success can depend on the letter. In this episode you will learn how to write it so that it is interesting for the recruiters, without making them bored or put off. You

Siedem pierwszych prac

założyć własny start-up”). Za kilka tygodni już pewnie nikt nie będzie jednak pamiętał, o co chodziło, bo internetowe mody zmieniają się równie szybko, jak pierwsze prace.

Lesson 98. KISS at work

According to experts, in order to be happy at work you have to communicate well - with your boss and your colleagues. But, since communication is a two-way process, you are only 50% in control - the rest is up to other person. There's plenty of room for error, so you've got to know your

Lesson 62: The office bully

You might have had one at school, now you may have one at work. Research shows that there is at least one of them in every workplace, disrupting your work and making your life a misery. Here's how to spot and stand up to the office bully. Do you feel you are surrounded by incompetent idiots at work

Lesson 94. Retirement is boring, "returnment" is exciting

affecting modern British society. It has found that the make-up of the workforce is changing with more people going back to work after retirement or starting again with a new career. As men and women live longer, more employees are being forced to carry on working to fund their retirement, making a second

Lekcja 12: Negocjacje z szefem

rides and weekend trips, financed by the company (usually including not only fuel, but also car maintenance and insurance) makes up a small fortune that you might spend for whatever takes your fancy. Right, so those are the things you can fight for. What about the arguments, though? When you decide to

Lesson 37: Small business - the secrets of success

Starting your own business can be daunting. So how can you avoid the most common pitfalls? Over the next few weeks we will reveal the vital secrets of entrepreneurial success. Here's secret number 1: Make sure your business can be scaled up. Scale it up Finding a good business

Lenders seek to court Polish home-buyers

Poles working in Ireland are to be encouraged to take up 90% mortgages, with the conditions attached being considerably reduced. Until now mortgages were reserved for immigrants who had lived in Ireland for more than two years, and who were in full-time and well-paid jobs. więcej: http

Teenager's homemade jam to earn him pots of money

Fraser Doherty was 14 when he started bubbling up vats of jam from his grandmother's recipe book and selling them to friends and neighbours after school. Within four years he was producing up to 1,000 jars a week from his parents' home in an Edinburgh suburb. Now he is being credited with

Lesson 60: Britons: too lazy to work?

to get out of bed in the morning. They simply turn up late for work. And once they are sacked, they find it hard to get another job because the positions are being filled by hard-working Poles and other immigrants, said Mr Livingstone. He also warned that if something is not done about it soon, a

Lesson 76. More tips on how to work on the brand called YOU

world. Multitask. Just as important as the ability to do one thing extremely well is the ability to do a dozen things at once and change course when required. In the world where everything is up for grabs you must be able not only to deal with but actually thrive on multitasking. Juggling a dozen balls

Migrant workers 'facing problems'

take up employment. więcej: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/scotland/5069778.stm

The rise of the new nomadics

"I SUPPOSE you would describe me as a consultant," says Clare Crean, a 40-year-old mother of one in the vanguard of a new working movement. For the past few years, she has been employed on a freelance basis, "tarting up new businesses" for Virgin. She does not have her own

Lesson 4: Money

Exercise I 1. of 2. within 3. of 4. get 5. afford 6. up 7. make 8. access 9. in 10. make 11. in 12. out 13. in 14. of Exercise II 1. feel like a million dollars today 2. money-spinner 3. Money doesn't grow on trees 4. chipped in 5. for a song 6. came into 7. throw money around 8. Money talks 9

Lesson 100. Stop the bully

responsibilities of othersConstantly criticizing othersPassing off the work of others as your ownSpreading rumours or gossipIgnoring othersInvading others' personal spaceSo, how do you stop the bully? The advice is: meet the bully head-on. Nip it in the bud. Stand up for yourself. Tell him - or her, what you think

Lesson 89. Treat money like rabbits

rabbit farm. If you got rid of all the rabbits, you wouldn't have any left. If you sold, say, half of them, the other half would breed and you'd end up with more rabbits. It's the same with money. If you spend it all, it won't breed. You'll never be rich. It's a simple truth, but many people just don't

Lesson 10: At the Jobcentre

qualifications you have ¨ education or training opportunities you would like to take up ¨ any help you might need, for example with child care or health care At your local Jobcentre you can look for local jobs on the computer or pick up a leaflet with the Job of the day. Here's what I picked up today

Lekcja 10: Niepełnosprawni na rynku pracy

given that work is the best way of active rehabilitation for people with disabilities. It has been proved many times that disabled people who start working open up to others and become more self-confident. Also, their colleagues quickly get rid of all the stereotypes about disabilities in the workplace.

Lekcja 26: Networking

business together, getting references, expertise, or otherwise. To sum up: online networking is a great tool to build your list of contacts. However, if you want to establish a relationship with some of them, you should consider recurring to off-line networking, which often turns out not only to be more

Kobiety w branży IT

pracy. Ze względu na niedobór kandydatów na rynku IT, pracodawcy są otwarci również na działania tzw. "up-skillingu" czyli opłacania wszelkich kursów podnoszących kwalifikacje zawodowe aby udało się zatrudnić odpowiednią liczbę osób. Umożliwia to paniom nie posiadającym wykształcenia

Lekcja 21: Jak nie dać się depresji pourlopowej

probably coming next year only. The post-vacation stress syndrome is nothing unusual and most specialists agree that it's not just a lame excuse for the lazy. During the daily routine drill our body is used to a high performance; even if the work is not particularly stressful, as a rule you have to wake up

Lesson 36: 4 stages of your career. Stage 4: The Sage

experience to become the Sage. You are still an integral part of the business and yes, your employer wants you to pass on your knowledge and expertise to more junior members of staff. He should cherish you by offering you flexible working hours, sabbaticals or nice lump sums which you could use to top up

Sprzedaż: lista zarobków

, wykorzystywanie narzędzi sprzedażowych up-selling & cross-selling, samodzielne prowadzenie spotkań biznesowych, kompleksowe doradztwo w zakresie oferowanych usług/rozwiązań, monitorowanie działań konkurencji oraz wdrażanie nowych strategii rozwoju, analiza rynku pod kątem potencjału rozwoju sprzedaży Pożądane

Poznaj OLX Group

Windows Phone. Czy są takie technologie lub rozwiązania, którymi szczególnie chcielibyście się pochwalić? Staramy się nie ukrywać tego, z czego korzystamy, często udzielamy się zarówno na lokalnych meet up, jak i większych konferencjach, i opowiadamy o kulisach naszej pracy. Kilka tygodni temu podczas

Lesson 23: Poles claim UK child benefit

alone will cost the taxpayer at least L50 million this year. Several reports have claimed that some Polish parents were dumping their children in state orphanages or with relatives at home to take up jobs in the UK. Frank Field, a former Labour Social Security Minister claims that British society is

Lesson 19: Spendaholics

splash out on clothes, accessories and fun. Every month four out of five young British women spend than they earn, usually before pay day. On average, they fritter away L15,000 a year on fashion, beauty products and entertainment, but earn only L18,000 before tax. To support their habit they notch up

Work is never boring

games, someone weeping in the toilets which necessitates every single member of your team going to offer a shoulder to cry on. When was the last time you looked up and saw everyone just quietly getting on with their jobs? Never? And that's just on a normal day. If anything slightly eventful happens

Lesson 6: Poles on top

Jack's roof was leaking. It was a flat felt roof, with a wooden deck built on top of it. 'You've got a problem' - sighed a roofing specialist whose number Jack found in Yellow Pages. 'If you take the deck up, I'll come and have a look'. So, Jack phoned another roofer who said he would come, but

How to be organised

; phone numbers are lost. Soon your whole life is reduced to one giant, sticky clump of Post-Its accessorised with fluff from the bottom of your handbag. Tidying up your act won't make you a better employee, it will mean you get to go home on time. And make you ludicrously smug. Ah yes, smugness. Pretty

How to decorate your desk

swinging metal balls are strictly taboo. They're the kind of thing you can only pull off if you're senior enough to have an office of your own, and people have to think twice before laughing at you. So what about that old stand-by: pinning up a picture of somebody fanciable? Who could deny you the odd

Lesson 1: Poles at work

Two years on from Poland joining the EU and tens of thousands of Poles have signed the register of migrant workers, which makes them officially eligible for work in the UK. The armies of Polish workers who have swamped the country have managed to build up a reputation for quality and fair prices

Kilkanaście idiomów i wyrażeń angielskich związanych z pracą i biznesem

a ball park figure - wartość/liczba w przybliżeniu to kiss up - podlizywać się to work to rule - strajkować na sposób włoski to work like a clockwork - pracować jak w zegarku to be running like a headless chicken - biegać w panice w kółko i robić rzeczy bez zastanowienia roll up one's

Lesson 6: Business meetings

Exercise I run overtime - to spend time working beyond the usual time needed or expected in a job cover issues - to deal with certain subjects follow up - to take further action connected with something command priority - to consider that something is more important than other things and deal with

How a job intverview is like dating

First, the similarities. Both require you to dress up, be well informed and engaging. Both also involve a vague, unpleasant nervousness which stems from being judged in an event specially organised for that purpose. "We'll keep your details on file" and "I'll call you" mean the

Lesson 32: Seven pillars of business wisdom. Rule no.8: Office Politics

Office politics is a slang term for the actions and intrigues among colleagues, whose aim is to gain advantage or get promotion and move up the career ladder. Office politics often leads to rivalry and dislike of other colleagues. According to an online poll of 2,000 adults conducted in the UK

Milion dolarów dla START-UPów. Projekt The Venture po raz pierwszy w Polsce

funduszami. Łączna pula nagród to 1 milion dolarów. Plan na dobry biznes Projekt organizowany jest w ramach globalnej kampanii Chivas Regal The Venture, promującej biznesy zaangażowane społecznie. Jego celem jest wspieranie młodych przedsiębiorców oraz START-UP-ów, które chcą osiągnąć sukces "we

Największe minusy pracy w Facebooku: za dobre jedzenie, praca zbyt wciągająca

zadań jest tyle, że ciężko ją utrzymać.- Za duża firma, to już nie jest start up.- Czasami kontrola jest tak duża, że bywa stresująca.- Jest zbyt dużo narcyzmu - budujemy niesamowite produkty, jesteśmy ninja, batmanami, supermenami. Może to niektórym pasuje, ale mi się nie podoba.- Nie ma wad. No może

Lekcja 16: Praca w Hiszpanii

% of the census population is made up of foreigners, of which 47% are of European origin. Spain, despite being the fifth largest economy in the European Union and the twelfth in the world in terms of nominal GDP, has suffered various consequences of the crisis, including negative growth and high job

The hollowing of today's corporations

private-equity consultant sums up the difference: "In the old world, the culture and ethos of a company counted for a lot, and good guys could be rewarded. The new world doesn't care about all that: it just wants measurable returns." Under this regime, the consultant admits, a 20-year

The 10 worst office Christmas gifts

the marketing department that came up with that one after their own Christmas lunch," says Colin Nickless, director of the Devon-based Business Gifts UK, "and it was certainly a novel proposal. But as the firm is ordering standard calendars and pens this year, we can only assume it didn't go

Why men and women argue differently

But are there any broad differences between the sexes in the way that we argue? The research by Elaine D. Eaker, published in Psychosomatic Medicine , found that more men than women had a tendency to bottle up their feelings during confrontations with their partners. Tim Smith is a psychology

You'll want to Polish this off

the Italians, Indians and Chinese immigrants before them, the Poles have brought their native dishes to the Edinburgh table and special dedicated delicatessens stocked with all the traditional food and drink a homesick Pole could need have been springing up around town. więcej: http

Czy warto się szkolić?

szkoleniowe". Do tego momentu jeszcze można zrozumieć racje tego, kto stworzył takie przepisy i zapisał je w ustawie o promocji zatrudnienia. Kiedy jednak zaczynam zagłębiać się w dokumenty opublikowane na stronach katowickiego UP, mina mi rzednie. Sto procent zasiłku dla bezrobotnego to kwota niewiele

Coffee and work

-needed boost at strategic times throughout the day - from the morning wake-up to the mid-afternoon pick-me-up. But are they drinking too much? Evidence regarding the health effects of caffeine is inconclusive. For every study that seems to link caffeine to issues such as coronary heart disease and high

Lesson 64: Be your own eco-entrepreneur

everywhere. Reduce, reuse and recycle. Turn the tap off when you brush your teeth and avoid travel by air. And if you've got that entrepreneurial gene, try your luck at being a small eco-entrepreneur. Small eco-entrepreneurs are popping up everywhere. There is a lot of money to be made there. But be quick

Lesson 49: Tough times for the Modern Man

to this: A modern woman requires her modern man to be: caring and thoughtful, sensitive and polite, in touch with his emotions, helpful around the house and involved with the children to the point of getting up at night! (to change a nappy). He has to be sexy, sensual and metrosexual; he's got to

Lesson 47 - Antipreneurs - a success story

Rhoades who gave Nike a kick by setting up Worn Again, a company which makes trainers out of recycled materials. In an eco-friendly world, businesses must be - or must be seen - to be eco- friendly too. Why? Because if a brand is seen as greedy and environmentally unfriendly - more and more of us are more

Promotion isn't everything

Every office has one - the new employee eyeing up the corner office before they've even got their knees under the desk. But it's not just the odd over-eager graduate desperate for a few extra pennies - according to new research, half of us think we should be promoted within six months of starting a