Useless inventions - part 2

You have been given a particularly pointless Christmas present? Here's a way of making sense of it. You can enter it for a prize. The Times writer John Naish set up the Landfill Prize awarded to the most useless objects.

Should you dare to take a lunch break?

Traditional management advice has not addressed the real nitty gritty of everyday office life. But a new book gets to the heart of questions that employees, rather than employers, want answered, writes Richard Woods in the Times.

Lab-grown meat

, while livestock produce greenhouse gases, deforestation, nitrate contamination and pollution from fertiliser and pesticides. Every kilo of beef requires 16,000 litres of water to produce, according to the Institute for Water Education. Then there is the issue of taste: does the unique flavour of fresh

Lesson 26: Seven pillars of business wisdom. Rule no. 2: Find a niche

waters like Evian or Volvic began to gain traction, Coke didn't pay enough attention. Such niche products were viewed as low-volume distractions. But soda sales have now fallen and water, sports and energy drinks all soared. But not everyone missed the opportunity. Out in California a tiny company

The reluctant dieter

word of comfort: soup. It's water-based, warming and unlikely to make you put on weight unless you tuck into the creamy varieties. Soup, my friends, is all we have to cling to. SŁOWNICZEK come the dog days of winter - gdy przyjdą paskudne zimowe dni salads seem vaguely relevant in summer - w lecie

Taxonomy of Office Creatures

head, like a crocodile who gets the entire water hole by eating all the monkeys and antelope trying to get a drink. How to eradicate the menace: Defeating an office monster head-to-head is possible, but might require you to act despicably yourself-after all, the person who kills crocodiles is a poacher

Invisible cloak a reality?

centre. "The wave's movement is similar to river water flowing around a smooth rock," said David Schurig, a scientist at Duke University who helped conduct the experiments. Sir John Pendry, the theoretical physicist at Imperial College London, who developed the idea, said cloaking devices to

Useless little ones

In centuries past, having children made sense: they worked for a living and contributed to the family's economic welfare. In the countryside they would be fetching water and minding the pigs or sheep by the age of six or seven, and with industrialization they could be ushered into gainful

Nieporozumienia językowe

koreańskim globiszu: "paiv" to "five"; "pipti" to "fifty"; "piś"to "fish". Nadesłał bodi Lecąc samolotem do Włoch, zażyczyłem sobie whisky Walker, wymówiłem to chyba jak "water", bo otrzymałem wodę. Pod dotarciu na miejsce na pytanie

Tea works

before they put the water in, you think, 'I'm going to have to re-evaluate everything I thought about you. Because you really are out of order making the tea like that.'" Perhaps over-zealous milk-pourers should take note. Słownik 40 percent of the country's fluid intake - 40 proc. spożycia płynów

A bleak holiday resort

have a unique opportunity to create a very interesting recreation area on Russky ... for those who love the ocean," Mr Putin said after a surprise visit to Vladivostok at the end of January. A new military complex, hotels, bars and a water sports centre could give the area a much-needed boost, he

Zakazy wjazdu do Unii z powodu pracy na czarno będą anulowane

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2000 - pokolenie czy Pollena

the Water" Deep Purple, "Słodkiego, miłego życia" Kombi i "Małgośkę" Maryli Rodowicz. Co więcej, ta ostatnia piosenka wzbudziła entuzjazm największy. A przecież muzyczne upodobania są jedną z głównych kategorii służących do rozróżniania pokoleń. Gdy się jednak słyszy taki